July 31, 2007

Trip of a Lifetime

Not me or mine:

Taking the long way around, route planned in general, otherwise has no idea where he is going. Basically what I wanted to do in Europe after an overseas discharge but they went and sent me back to the States.

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July 30, 2007

Verint Redux

January 10-20th, 2004, saw me installing a Verint system to monitor telephone calls -- I was one of a few offices being used for a trial of the Verint system. October 28th they took the cabinets away, trial over.

The Avaya phone system went in the end of '05. I knew they would be wanting to install a Verint or equivalent, so I planned the installation to include a cabinet and BB space for monitoring.

The new Verint cabinet arrived today:

As you can see, I was ready and waiting. All I need is for Sabe Electric to rearrange the AC again to give me a couple of 20-amp twistlocks (the circuits are already existing under the floor) and to bolt the cabinet thru the raised floor to the real floor so it won't move in an earthquake. Need to run 10 each, 15 foot cables, 25-pair male phone connector to an M-66 block on the BB. Need to run a LAN feed for the VAM.

While I labeled the photo as VAN & SAM, seeing as the Verint cabinet is labeled and cabled for the SAM. Got a call from the designer -- nope! Can't allow that. The SAM, a simple little 2RU server, get to join the other servers in the Compaq cabinet, just out of the picture to the left of the Avaya.

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July 29, 2007

Wife's Old Flame

It is common for married people to have problems with their spouses' former loves, their Old Flames. Usually just memories, but after nearly 21 years of marriage Wendy still has her Old Flame she that acquired a quarter of a century ago. His name is Smedley, and he is a '72 Camaro RS. At 35, he is showing aging problems. The vacuum booster for his brakes went. Being a classic, parts are available, so Wendy got a new booster and master cylinder (can't hurt and barkes are one of the things even I will care for.) There is a pushrod from the booster that goes through the firewall and attaches to the brake pedal. To disconnect requires getting up under the dash. Which is easier without a seat in the way.

Isn't she beautiful.

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July 26, 2007

Idiot Contractors

Long long ago I had a job request to run a LAN connection to the wlmgca01 power room for power monitoring -- checked out the job, told them to run me a conduit from the LAN room to the power room.

So they did. 150 feet, six 90 degree bends, no junction boxes, no pull string. Told them that was not acceptable. They never got back to me.

Today I had a job request to run a LAN connection to the wlmgca01 power room for power monitoring -- conduit run and unterminated cat 5 cable placed in conduit. Cool! Go to the LAN room, a contractor had run a conduit with a "coleman cable" brand cat-5 cable. Go to the power monitoring thing in the power room and see the same cable. place both, terminate on jacks. Plug my laptop in, no connection. Double check my jack connections. Good. Give a pull on the cable, pull out about a foot or so of slack. Go to the other end, pull out a foot or so of slack. Check the first end, slack still there. The cables are not the same cable.

Trace conduits -- instead of running from the LAN room to the power room, both conduits were run to the Engine Room and terminated inside the Engine control panel. What??? It is also not the original conduit I saw with a j-box added. But I did see the added j-box. Look again, find another conduit -- with a pull string! Yippie. Grab a box of wire, climb into the cable rack to tie an end to the string.... um.... good thing I hadn't pulled the other end of the string, it wasn't tied off. And it was not a pull string even if it was inplace as a pull string -- it was waxed lacing twine. But I try, and I do manage to pull my cat-5 cable in (I'm sitting at the power room end right now, connected to the LAN thru it.) When pulling the string I pulled a 3/4" ball of twine out that had been at the j-box where they tied two pieces of twine together and just wadded up the excess into a ball rather than trim the knot.

The bad part is -- someone got paid to do that crap work. Paid? He should have been shot and chopped up into dog food - burying is too good for him.

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Pumps Fist in Air

"Right On!"

Was posted by a 34-year-old on a forum I harass in response to one of my posts. What a difference a few decades make. Fist in air, "Right On"? Where were you in 1968?

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July 21, 2007

Avoiding Broadsides

I keep posting on the motorcycle forums that the inertial mass of a heavy helmet prevents you from snapping your head side to side for a check of any incoming vehicles at intersections. Mainly controlled intersections where the majority of two vehicle collisions take place. I was sitting at a light and a motorcycle came ripping up between the lanes -- a Hawthorne Police Motorcycle. I started recording and sure enough, as the light went green the motorcyclist immediately started forward without looking to the sides. You cannot AVOID an collision is you do not see the incoming vehicle.

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July 16, 2007

Hurry up and Wait

First week of June I had two walkthroughs -- one at Birch, the other at Douglas. The smaller job, at Douglas, was wirtten up on June 11th and June 12th.

The job at Birch is bigger, adding 50 cubicles. Originally they wanted to move in on July 1st? Too ridiculous to take seriously. However the feeling was that they wanted to get the people in quickly. Well over a month ago. In both locations. THought about it this morning and checked on Douglas -- looks exactly as I left it, including no backboard for the WiFi on the 1st floor where I rushed to get the cable in (the above links.)

Over at Birch:

Total work done since the walkthrough -- Nothing. (Execpt my cleaning out the old 25-pair KTS cabling to make room for the cat-5.) First photos show cubicles that need to be removed. Third, squatters that need to move. Last three, real estate junk being stored has to go away. No one moves in until the desks and partitions are in. Desks and partitions await the electrician relocating power outlets and holes in the floor for the LAN cables. I need to run about 32 new sets of LAN cables and relocate 18 more -- to be done after the electricians have relocated power and holes, before the partitions get placed. Electricians can't do anything until real estate cleans up the old partitions and stuff and removes existing cubs.

And it still looks exactly as it did on the walk through. Nothing has been done.

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July 14, 2007


Here I am, again, waiting for service at Pacific Volkswagen. And AGAIN I am sitting on dial-up (see skinny cord in phone jack.)

In my Blog Entry of May 16th I wrote that the Service Department at Pacific Volkswagen had a computer bar for waiting customers -- with DIAL-UP internet. Three days later, the comment was posted in my blog by Tim James, CIO Sullivan Automotive Group: "This is being done as I read this, as part of a total overhaul on our WAN and LAN's. Hopefully you can surf broadband while waiting next time you need service."

Over a MONTH later - Still no WiFi. Nearly THREE Months after being promised WiFi -- still no go. Had a Recall on Hogarth, and am in here again. It has been four months since Tim told me that WiFi was "BEING DONE AS I READ THIS". That was obviously BULLSHIT! It does not take four months to set up WiFi, even in a couple of dozen locations. I had offered to do it myself, free, they just pay for the line. Declined. I had offered to refer to the company to have someone contact them. Declined. Supposedly the WiFi was in the works -- FOUR MONTHS AGO.

I get the feeling that someone is not being honest with me. This is a pity. The ONLY thing that can keep a business open in the long run is honesty with the customer.

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July 12, 2007

Resetting M-305

Equipment: Genicom Printers with Microplex Print Server.
Problem: Won't connect to the LAN, Good LAN connection.
The Fix:
Microplex M-305 Print Server
Power off the printer. On the print server: pull the LAN cable, Pull the power cable, flip the two switches to the down position. Power on the printer, wait for it to initialize. Plug the power cable into the print server; after a half a minute the printer should print out the configuration page of the print server. What matters is:
"IP Address:"
"Subnet Mask:" and
"Default Gateway Address:"

(Addresses given are on my example -- your addresses will be different.)

That's all we needed, so power the printer/server off, flip the two switches back up, power the printer/server on . . . . and put the LAN cable back in.

Plug your laptop into a port on the same switch that the printer is plugged into, verify that you are on the LAN -- click on "Start" "run" type "cmd" in the box and click OK; in the DOS window type "ipconfig", hit enter. This gives you the IP address assigned to the laptop. Again, in my case it is, yours will be different.

The problem is now obvious -- the printer has an address not for the hub it is connected to. Checking the records, the printer (again in may case) should be at

To talk to the printer you need to be in the same range of addresses. On the laptop, click on "Start" "Settings" "Network and Dial-up Connections". Right click on "Local Area Connection", click on "Properties". In the window, scroll down and highlight "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), click on "Properties". In that window click the circle next to "Use the following IP address", in the window for "IP address" type in "" (again just my example, you would type in an address one off from the printer's address.) Click in the "subnet mask window" to make it and click "OK". Click "OK" Click on the DOS window.

You can now talk to the server by typing (in the DOS window)
"Telnet" (you would type the address your printer is at.)

The printer responds:

Network Printer Server Version 1.1.8B (

you type "root", the printer responds:

You again type "root" and the printer responds:

Welcome root user>

You type: "store tcpip 1 addr", printer says "ok".
You type" "store tcpip 1 mask", printer says "ok". (may omit is mask was correct.)
You type: "store tcpip route add default 1", again the printer says "ok".
You type "save", printer responds.
You type "reset", printer responds "Warning: unit is being reset", telnet says "Connection to host lost" and dumps you out into DOS. Close the DOS window, you're done.

The "Network and Dial-up Connections" window should still be open, left click on "Local Area Connection", click "Properties", scroll down and highlight "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), click "Properties", click the circle next to "Obtain an IP address automatically", click "OK", click "OK".

Being lazy, in the address box type in "" (again use the address for your printer, the one we just stored) and you should get the interactive web page of the print server. If you wish you can log into and set admin items, such as printer name and contact information.

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July 06, 2007


Stop at a traffic signal, look at the vehicle next to me and see:

What got my attention was the movement when he set down his fork (can't eat a salad with your bare hands, can you?) Since we were to be stopped for a while I had time to get my camera from it's belt pouch and take the picture. Didn't notice the cell phone until I got the picture up in the photo editor.

THIS is what causes at least half of the deaths on our highways -- assholes who do not think that safe driving is a matter that concerns them. THIS is what kills motorcyclists.

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July 04, 2007


old HotpointAbout 10-15 years ago we got a new washer-dryer set, Hotpoints, close to if not bottom of the line. Worked just fine 'til about last year when the dryer started not firing the burner at times and not drying.
New GE
Finally broke down and got replacements -- GE this time, larger capacity -- 3.5 cu.ft washer and 7.0 cu.ft dryer. Went on-line to Lowe's, picked them out, discounted and immediately available locally, they said we would be contacted within 48 hours to arrange delivery. Next morning Wendy got a call -- they were delivering that afternoon. I wasn't ready so they sat in the back yard for a couple of days while I replaced the flooring. Anyhow, they'er in and work just fine. The washer is *SUPER* quiet.

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