August 26, 2007


Wendy's computer has started making screeching noise. Open case, it's the power supply fan. Got into on-line chat with DELL support -- explained trouble, they're going to RMA all system fans. Wanna know why I now have THREE Dell systems in the house??

And I reverse my stand on extended warranties. With Dell they are extremely worthwhile.

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August 23, 2007

Avaya - Verint installation

The Verint installation is all complete except for turning on the VAM. Most of my work consisted of making the 194 connections between the VAM and the existing Avaya:

Closeup Avaya Block . . . . . .Closeup Floor Block . . . . . .Closeup Verint Block

The existing Avaya installation consisted of cables from the Avaya switch to M66-50 blocks. Bridge clips connected the cable side to the cross-connect side for quick isolation of premise wiring in a troubleshooting situation.

The floor cables are terminated on M66-25 blocks -- 25 pairs of 4-lug connects as opposed to the split-50's 50 pairs of 2 lugs. This allows multiple connections to each circuit. Leftmost row of lugs go to the telephones, either via the Cat-5 patch panel on the first floor, or via tie-cable to the second floor and modular adapters on the old 25-pair telephone cables. The cross connect from the Avaya is on the 4th lug. And that was how it was for about a year.

For the Verint blocks I got lazy -- M66-50's with the cabling from the Verint utilizing a 25-pair AMP connector, your standard KTS telephone plug/jack. The cross-connect from the Verint also goes to the M66-25 floor cable blocks, tieing down on the 3rd lug.

Sitting here thinking more about it..... should have used split-50's for the floor cables. Floor cable and the cross connect to the Avaya on the left, bridge clipped to the right and a cross connect to the Verint. I think I'll do that on the next installation.

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August 09, 2007

Crew Breakfast

Like any other great organization, the South Bay (Los Angeles) OCS crew is a lifetime membership. So a lot of retirees show up at Crew Breakfasts:

click for 2.7 megbyte full size picture

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August 08, 2007

Winning on eBay

Got my front wheel, under $40 delivered. Now I'll be able to run on the new wheels while my originals are sent to Wheelworks for sealing so I can run Tubless Tires on my spoked wheels. I was willing to go $50 delievered, so I'm happy.

Almost feel sorry for the guy I overbid -- he probably needed the wheel, but made his bids in increments. The bidding went: (times are times placed, not posted)

July 31st 9:09 pm kwik_bay( 1917) $2.00 -- a flipper, not a threat. He's just places cheap bids incase no one else does and he gets something he can re-sell for a profit.
Aug. 6 5:51 pm Bidder1 -- $10 max.
Last day: Aug. 7th
8:37:59 am Bidder 2 tries $10, overridden by above max.
8:38:39 am Bidder 2 ups his max to $15
5:44:43 pm Bidder 1 puts in a $22 final
5:50:27 pm Bidder 2 tries $20
5:53:49 pm Bidder 2 ups to $25, beats Bidder 1 with a posted $22.50 bid.

7:04:51 pm (9 seconds to end of auction) I place my one and only bid - $36.87 ($50 less shipping). The autobidder tops Bidder 2 by a buck, I get the wheel for $26.

If you really want something off eBay, figure the maximum you are willing to pay and bid that. If you bid early you give someone a chance to reconsider their bid and override yours. I don't give anyone any second chance.

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August 07, 2007

Some days are GOOD

Have a project coming up at work, new site, initial planning. I demanded a minimum of 240 square feet for the main LAN room -- and that if there is never to be any expansion in the future. "You can't have it!" "Fine, you won't get telephone service." Backed up my request with photographs of the existing LAN room, with a floor plan showing minimum clearances. I will be getting the floorspace I need.

Since it was an initial space plan, proposed rooms got moved around. They had the door to my LAN room inside one of the training rooms. (I get to disturb the class as I keep going in and out on a case of trouble? I don't think so!) They had the copier/printer room on the far end of the building. huh? Slide the training room a little, move copier/printer room to where LAN room was, push LAN room to the outside wall with access thru the copier/printer room. I suppose that is acceptable.

Acceptable? HA!!! The outside wall is all windows -- and it is Northern Exposure. I'll have office space people would kill for.

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August 02, 2007

Another one down

Recieved an email:

As of July 31, 2007 I am retiring after 41 Years. I would just like to say how great it has been working with all of you. When you retire from the company, I hope that all of you will be able to look back on your time here and say, that through all the up's and down and changes you have had as great a time as I did working with a great group of people that you can call your extended family.

Sincerely Your
Steven J. Weinberger

Unlike myself, Steve was organized, meticulous, never overlooked the tiniest detail. On those rare occasions where I had troubles that weren't resolving, Steve could/would come to the rescue. There are not many people that I look up to with respect -- Steve is one of those few.

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August 01, 2007

Pacific Volkswagen Disservice

Wendy's VW said it was low on coolant. Added some. She came home the next day boiling hot, open the hood, coolant tank is sort of gurgling and the electric fans are not running. Obviously a fan problem, sensor, relay, who knows! She made an 8 am appointment (10:20, still waiting) and I'm here again. Still no Wi-Fi. I don't think the L.A. Car Guy's internet person was telling me the truth.

More laptop users on a weekday than on a weekend. And it looks as if they're also playing hooky from work -- 'cept unlike me, they are working remote and could use internet access. It's a pity the L.A. Car Guy doesn't give a rat's ass about his customers. I could have Wi-Fi up in a week. It's been over a third of a year since I was told they had it in the works.

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