July 04, 2007


old HotpointAbout 10-15 years ago we got a new washer-dryer set, Hotpoints, close to if not bottom of the line. Worked just fine 'til about last year when the dryer started not firing the burner at times and not drying.
New GE
Finally broke down and got replacements -- GE this time, larger capacity -- 3.5 cu.ft washer and 7.0 cu.ft dryer. Went on-line to Lowe's, picked them out, discounted and immediately available locally, they said we would be contacted within 48 hours to arrange delivery. Next morning Wendy got a call -- they were delivering that afternoon. I wasn't ready so they sat in the back yard for a couple of days while I replaced the flooring. Anyhow, they'er in and work just fine. The washer is *SUPER* quiet.

Posted by Paladin at July 4, 2007 09:50 AM