September 27, 2007

21st Anniversary

Takes longer to get the pictures posted. Theme for the 21st wedding anniversary is Horses. Let the world know that Wendy still rocks me:

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September 23, 2007

DSL Update

It's been two weeks since the new DSL went in. A couple of days ago I got hold of people with access to the records, verified that the account we have had since two months before Pacific Bell Internet went public was indeed associated with the DSL on the new telephone line ("new" being 21 years old.) Had them disconnect the DSL on the old telephone line (37 years) and the old line itself.

When I put the new DSL in I simply used the provided microfilters. I know where the RT is. I know where my B-Box is. I have somewhere around a 7K' loop which means I'm marginal for maximum speed. So I moved the DSL to the NID splitter:

With the Micro-filters the DSL signal went to three or four jacks -- which means three or four bridge taps. The NID filter eliminates that, and provided a 23% increase in speed!

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September 15, 2007

GEEIA-MDA-EI reunion

14 Biennial, OKC, Sept.15th, 2007


Was worth the trip. About a hundred old farts and their wives. 2009 to be in Fort Worth, expect at least double.

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September 14, 2007

1000 Miles

Click the Pix for wallpaper size!
1000 miles = 1000 smiles
...The Motel 6 in Amarillo did not have WiFi. The McDonalds in Shamrock does! I'm having a cup of coffee and uploading files composed last night/this moring.

Had done over 1000 miles in 36 hours when that photo was taken. Am now around 1200 miles. A couple of hours behind schedule, Central Time in Texas makes for a late rising sun and cold morning rides.

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September 12, 2007

L.A. to O.K.C.

Just to make sure that no one accuses me of being totally sane.....

There is a G.E.E.I.A. Reunion in OKC this weekend, I plan to be there. To economize on the trip, I'm taking Thumper with his 60+ highway MPG. Click on the picture for the link:

Addendum, 6:20 pm PST, on WiFi in the Holbrook Motel 6 (928-524-6101 room 257)

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September 08, 2007

High Speed DSL

February, 1997 -- I am on dialup. How long before I cannot remember, but I was a beta tester for PBI and was using it a month before it went public.

December, 1998 -- I learn about DSL, with it's loop limit of 18,500 feet. I measure my line at over 19,500 feet -- I am disallowed DSL.

December, 1999 -- Pacbell ignores the limits and offers me DSL, I have it installed on December 29th, 1999.

Early 2000 -- the DSL is up/down quite a bit, they remove half taps and such, I add a Cayman 3220H, my DSL is running 768/128 on a 20,400 foot loop.

Over the years, my speed has dropped and is often in the low 600's. This morning, with the cables cool, I'm blazing at:

Current Rate : 736 Kbps 352 Kbps
Maximum Rate : 736 Kbps 366 Kbps
Noise Margin : 5.5 dB 6.0 dB

However.... They went and got the RT up and working without telling me. I ordered DSL for the other 'phone line and it is getting:

Downstream Rate: 5472 kbps Upstream Rate: 768 kbps
Current Noise Margin: 6.0 dB (Downstream) 18.0 dB (Upstream)

more than seven times faster incoming and two times faster outgoing. And that is with the line running all over the house with mico-filters. Should hit the 6 meg max when I switch to the NID splitter.

Not to mention that by putting the DSL on my new phone line (new meaning I got it in '86 when I married Wendy) I can disconnect the old (installed in 1970) phone line and will end up saving a few bucks a month.

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September 01, 2007

Birch Restack

New Cat-5 Floor JacksI'm on a month vacation, but I left jobs undone. The new call center in Torrance won't start 'til next year, but the Birch restack of the second floor is to be completed by the end of October. Meaning work will start in September.

I was going to need help anyhow, to run the cables. Have 50 or so new positions, but there are already some cables out there. I figured about 32 new cables, maybe as much as 40 if the rearranging of old doesn't stretch. No problem. I have the space for the new jacks, I've even mounted the panels for the new jacks.

What phone system they will be using was not finalized as of yesterday. VoIP is the preferred, but they may go with plain old analog Centrex. If they go analog I'll need the cables run to the analog patch jacks, the 2ru panel of 24 jacks, using 4 25-pair cables, to the BB to the right where the space is marked for cables 21-24.

Getting out to the floor will not be a problem:
hole-in-wallI have cleared out all of the old 25-pair telephone cables and the old Netway cables (3-pair with modular connectors under the floor -- arrgh!) and RG-58 coax that I have no idea what it was used for so the underfloor is capable of taking our new runs. We can exit the terminal room in the corner, which comes out beyond the hallway so we can cone it off and leave it open during business hours.

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