August 23, 2007

Avaya - Verint installation

The Verint installation is all complete except for turning on the VAM. Most of my work consisted of making the 194 connections between the VAM and the existing Avaya:

Closeup Avaya Block . . . . . .Closeup Floor Block . . . . . .Closeup Verint Block

The existing Avaya installation consisted of cables from the Avaya switch to M66-50 blocks. Bridge clips connected the cable side to the cross-connect side for quick isolation of premise wiring in a troubleshooting situation.

The floor cables are terminated on M66-25 blocks -- 25 pairs of 4-lug connects as opposed to the split-50's 50 pairs of 2 lugs. This allows multiple connections to each circuit. Leftmost row of lugs go to the telephones, either via the Cat-5 patch panel on the first floor, or via tie-cable to the second floor and modular adapters on the old 25-pair telephone cables. The cross connect from the Avaya is on the 4th lug. And that was how it was for about a year.

For the Verint blocks I got lazy -- M66-50's with the cabling from the Verint utilizing a 25-pair AMP connector, your standard KTS telephone plug/jack. The cross-connect from the Verint also goes to the M66-25 floor cable blocks, tieing down on the 3rd lug.

Sitting here thinking more about it..... should have used split-50's for the floor cables. Floor cable and the cross connect to the Avaya on the left, bridge clipped to the right and a cross connect to the Verint. I think I'll do that on the next installation.

Posted by Paladin at August 23, 2007 02:03 PM