August 08, 2007

Winning on eBay

Got my front wheel, under $40 delivered. Now I'll be able to run on the new wheels while my originals are sent to Wheelworks for sealing so I can run Tubless Tires on my spoked wheels. I was willing to go $50 delievered, so I'm happy.

Almost feel sorry for the guy I overbid -- he probably needed the wheel, but made his bids in increments. The bidding went: (times are times placed, not posted)

July 31st 9:09 pm kwik_bay( 1917) $2.00 -- a flipper, not a threat. He's just places cheap bids incase no one else does and he gets something he can re-sell for a profit.
Aug. 6 5:51 pm Bidder1 -- $10 max.
Last day: Aug. 7th
8:37:59 am Bidder 2 tries $10, overridden by above max.
8:38:39 am Bidder 2 ups his max to $15
5:44:43 pm Bidder 1 puts in a $22 final
5:50:27 pm Bidder 2 tries $20
5:53:49 pm Bidder 2 ups to $25, beats Bidder 1 with a posted $22.50 bid.

7:04:51 pm (9 seconds to end of auction) I place my one and only bid - $36.87 ($50 less shipping). The autobidder tops Bidder 2 by a buck, I get the wheel for $26.

If you really want something off eBay, figure the maximum you are willing to pay and bid that. If you bid early you give someone a chance to reconsider their bid and override yours. I don't give anyone any second chance.

Posted by Paladin at August 8, 2007 06:46 AM

Way to go Mike.

Posted by: Wingo at August 9, 2007 02:35 PM