October 30, 2004

Walker Duct

John has people moving into his building also -- into an area that wasn't cabled to the LAN. So we gather up the wire and the reels and spend a pleasant Saturday pulling cable. To match the building standard we are using Quad-4 -- four four-pair cat5 cables to each position. Click on any picture for the 1200x1600 pixel version:

We placed the cable reels in the open office, three dollies for a six bundle pull. We need eleven runs, so Doug is laying out a quarter inch rope to be pulled in with the first set of cables. The cables will be pulled into hole A, and once run to the terminal room will be laid out and run to each cube in the room. Pull under the raised floor from hole A (with a man by the reels to make sure they don't tangle) to hole B in the hallway. A person sits at hole A to pull the cables through the turn to hole C. Since there are only three of us (see the entries on the retirees) the third man pulls the cables out of hold C and down the hall, providing slack for the next stage.

Shifting postions, the above slack is fed into hold C toward hole D in the office across the hall. So far this has all been under the raised floor system. At hole D we transition to the older Walker Duct. The Walker Duct was what was used before they came up with raised floors. It is a shallow retangular metal duct in/under the concrete floor. In the middle of a room a hole could be drilled down into the Walker Duct to provide a path for the telecommunications cables. The smaller cross floor ducts rose in a larger feed duct which was just below floor level. In the picture we see the raised floor, E, sitting above the concrete floor, F. G is a steel plate that closed the duct back when the concrete floor was the floor. Below this duct are the cross floor ducts accessed by holes -- hole H and the hole with the fiberglass Snake, S. That snake will pull the cables abut 80 feet from the open office to the terminal room, up thru hole J.

Normally on a job like this we would have used more people to pull from the reels through the three turns and into the terminal room. But they retired. So we do the pull in stages. The second stage pulled the slack in the hall toward the terminal room. Slack gone we shift to the reel-corner-hall positions and pull more slack into the hall. Back to hall-duct-terminal room to pull the slack up. And once again to get enough slack in the terminal room to run the cables up the the corner around two sides and down the the LAN rack to be terminated on the cat5 patch panel.

That was six runs. We need eleven. Back into the room we pull enough cable off the reels to reach the various desks and cut. We also secure these cables so they will not be pulled out by the friction of the next run being pulled in beside them. Tieing and taping five more bundles to the afore mentioned rope we repeat the pull -- off reels to hall slack, hall slack taken to terminal room.

After lunch we push the cables under the floor to each desk, using the lay-up stick. The stick is a multi-section collapsible pole -- five feet to thirty feet. Close up the holes and go home.

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October 28, 2004

Verint BeGone!

Speaking of the Verint monitoring system -- it is out. The trial period is over and they came and took the cabinets out.

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October 20, 2004

Moving Out

Playing catch-up and post dating entries.

Moving day was the 19th. I was supposed to move 15 people in three hours -- while they were still working. It actually took most of Friday to finish -- mostly connecting lines to the relocated telephones. After everyone went home Thursday the movers came in and ripped the partitions and desks. Friday morning the open office was a little more open.

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October 15, 2004

Cabling for the Verint

For those who care about these things....

Verint installed their cabinets, OCS provided and installed the cables to the backboard. Cables are standard 25 pair raw end to a 50-pin Amp. The VAM here in Torrance is bridging accross ISDN 4w ST interfaces; there are 8 circuits per cable. 2W modules run 16 circuits per cable.

On the Backboard the Cables from the VAM are terminated normally, which leaves the last 9 pairs useless. But I do not split small cables across blocks.

My cables bridging the ISDN are 12 circuits per cable, terminating one cable per block also. 4w cross connects.

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October 14, 2004


Got my license, got my insurance. Rode Thumper into work this morning. Felt good to be back on two wheels. John said that normal people start riding in the Spring, not the Fall. One, I've never claimed to be normal. Two, this is Southern California with it's 365 riding days per year. At worst it'll get to the high 40's and a bit of rain -- might drive the Camaro on rainy mornings, might not. Have a Flyscreen coming UPS, should be here in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, at work, I've just finished my doughnut, the coffee's nearly gone, and a stack of service orders need to be called Hot and worked. Ciao!

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October 12, 2004

Everyone wants an office with a window, right? Even if you are in the center of a large building. She asked for it, she got it -- an office with a vew. A view of the employee lounge; with a matching view of her office from the employee lounge.

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October 10, 2004

Mission Accomplished, mostly

Compare picture with start

Finished. All the Rep positions requested to have working ISDN 'phones have working ISDN 'phones. All of the analog supervisor and support lines made the move from the '41 building to the '81 building. All that is left of the requested work is two centrex lines and a fax line for a 2nd floor office. Not able to do 'em as the lines hadn't been cut to the new cable pairs -- they still exist on the old building.

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Working Sunday

The move went better than I hoped. Marketing balked, which meant I only had to move the call center people. Had two helpers yesterday, which left me only about 8 hours behind -- so here I am, working. (No, that's not me on the right, that's Judy -- I'm not the only one trying to catch up.)

About half way thru the day, 16 of 20 ISDN lines up, 7 of 11 analog lines up -- looks like I'll avoid too much screaming tomorrow.

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October 07, 2004

Sitting under the falling anvil

The 80-100 person/telephone move is this coming weekend. As I stopped to take a break I noticed a pile of Line Errors on my ISDN NIU cards. This is a good thing. It means the lines should be live over in the other building and the worker bees will have their phones. Had a few orders with the new cables and pairs on them for the supervisor telephone lines, so at least some of the queen bees will have their phones also.

Need to pull one more cable into an ex-conference room / new office space. Popped a floor tile and found another of the two inch grey plastic tubes that ran the fiber back to the terminal room. I have a straight shot without having to pull more tiles. That saves hours of work! Just need to ID that tube and use the old fiber to pull in cat-5 cables.

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