November 27, 2004


Wendy has always wanted a dishwasher. I've always been leery about installing one. SHe forced the issue by buying one and having it delivered. Reading the instructions it isn't as bad as I feared. We have the space available beside the sink. The drain from the dishwasher attaches to a fitting on the garbage disposal (gee -- I never noticed that on the disposal before!) It only requires hot water, which I can tap into just to the other side where the washing machine is hooked up. I can also tap into the power that supplies the clothes washer -- just don't run both at once.

So I pull the floor from the cabinet, and find that we have had a resident for quite a while. She is quite lovely, and rather large. She clung to her home (the cabinet floor) while I carried it outside. A dropped a penny near her for scale as she worked repairing her web -- giving me a good shot of her underside. Wiped out her web with a stick, got a picture of her topside just before I bumped her off near the raspberry bush where she will hopefully adapt to living under the adjoining playhouse.

Carried the floor out front to be placed out with the trash, took a picture of where she was with a dime for scale, photo chopped the two pictures together.

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November 23, 2004

Why Saddlebags?

Why have saddlebags on a cruiser?

For me the answer is my hat. When I stop riding I uplock the left bag and remove The Hat and my reading glasses. Remove helmet (A Daytona Skull Cap) and place helmet, gloves, and riding glasses in saddlebag. Lock bag. Don't have to carry the helmet and don't worry about leaving it sitting on the bike unattended.

The bags are also handy for shopping trips. I can fit a ten pound bag of potatos in one bag.

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November 18, 2004

LeatherLyke SaddleBags

Today is my birthday, Wendy surprised me with a large box containing a pair of LeatherLyke saddlebags for my Suzuki Savage. Like any 5-year-old boy I grabbed them without so much as a thankyou and ran outside to play. Took about three hours to mount -- would probably have been quicker to have removed the rear wheel to give easy access to the bolts inside the rear fender.

But they do look good (Click on images for huge versions):

Mounting involved removing the seats and rear fender rails, disconnecting and removing the rear turn signals. Mount the rear turn signals on the provided bracket, remove license plate and remount with the turn signal backet now attached tothe license plate bracket. Snake wires thru the center hole of the turn signal bracket, wraptie to tail light wires. Remove grommet, snake a thin wire alongside the taillight wires, attach to turn signal wires and pull back thru the same path as the tail light wires. Enlarge center hole of grommet and replace. Stretch tail light wires with provided wire/splices and reconnect. Test. Re-reconnect correctly (it's a 50-50 chance unless you label, and easier to reconnect than to label.)

The bags mount on a pair of studs (marked 1 & 2). The rear studs mount to the fender rails in place of the turn signals. The front studs replace one of the upper of the two forward rail mounting bolts. Once the fender rails are back on replace the seat, lube the studs with the supplied lube and slip the bags on. Lock the bags on with the clips on their leather retention straps. The bags rest against the rear springs with a nylon rub strip. The bags are rated for 20 pounds each.

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November 11, 2004

The Morning Commute

Riding in today on my Savage I realized something -- my commute is too short!

I hired onto Pacific Telephone and Telegraph in 1970 and started working at the Madison Complex, downtown Los Angeles, a 14.3 mile commute. About '76 I transfered to the Gardena central office as a SxS switchman and cut my commute to 3 miles. In '86 I was surplus and snagged an opening in O.C.S. at a garage on 139th street -- 1.3 miles from my house. We moved to our present location a dozen years ago which tripled my commute -- to 4 miles.

For decades I have been driving a very short distance to/from work and have really enjoyed the fact that I have such a short commute.

Until I got my motorcycle.

My morning ride ends too soon. On beautiful balmy mornings such as today I'm going to have to leave home earlier and take a round-about route to work.

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November 09, 2004

More Junk

Been cleaning up since the move, they left a lot of stuff behind.
click for the big pictureAbout 11 monitors, two HP laserjet printers, an HP plotter, a half dozen or so docking stations (for laptops that had been upgraded years ago!) two dozen keyboards and a few mice.

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