September 30, 2004

The Big Move

Been very busy. The previous moves rearranged the existing people into half the space. The half they cleared has been re-designed to a more dense configuration, electrical boxes moved and added. Map 1 in the drawing is the cable layout I made as I rearranged the existing cables to fit the new arrangement. Only needed to add ten sets of LAN cables. Not counting the pair I need to run to the far conference room that is being made into offices -- but that's next week if they are lucky. That map has the number of each cable in each floor location.

Sheet two are my available phone lines. Each one tested and number verified. Not until then did I realized that no one had actually planned the move and that I was adding more people to the building than I had existing lines for. I mentioned this at the last meeting which then delayed the move a week so I could move a dozen or so lines from the '41 building to the '81 building. That will happen next week.

Meanwhile, since I will not be able to place a phone on every desk, I had the client make me another map, number three, of the positions that will be occupied. The occupied positions are marked in yellow, and as I wire each line on list two to the cable listed on map one I am marking the position number and telephone number on map three. Highlighted in green. I should finish tomorrow and then can test the positions on the floor Monday - Wednesday.

The people that are moving were told this past Tuesday that orders would have to be placed to move their telephone lines. About 20 or so to swing on the weekend of the move. New cable assignments, the Torrance Frame will have to cut the lines from the old cable to the new, I'll have to test the lines and then run my cross connects to the floor positions.

Of course, I am not authorized any overtime. I'll have to do it Monday morning between 7:30 am and 8 am.

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September 22, 2004

Accident Report

Past another accident this morning. Didn't stop, but a quick assement of the scene I would guess that:

The white Mustang convertable was travelling east on Marine. Judging by the distance from the intersection, likely doing the speed limit of 35mph. The black whatever was northbound on Gramercy. The rising sun was just peeking over the horizon to blind eastbound traffic. The condition of the traffic signal I cannot guess -- but it is obvious that someone trusted the traffic signal to be able to stop other vehicles.

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September 20, 2004

16 cables, 100 feet

Called Doug to help me pull cables. Unfortunately he had six escalated trouble tickets, so I had to pull them all by myself. Eight pairs of Cat-5 cables, about 100 feet. Pictured below -- me pulling the cables off/out of reels and boxes, pulling to the corner heading to the terminal room, and pulling the bundle of cables up behind the Cat-5 patch rack.

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September 16, 2004

Phase III starting

Was informed yesterday that the north part of Phase III will be having the desks and partitions placed a week from tomorrow. A week later the rest of the area is to be completed. I requested that the night crew leave the floor open so that I could re-arrange my cables. They did so.

THis is what a raised floor system looks like with half the floor removed. Each of those square black tiles are steel encased concrete -- two feet by two feet. The Electricians have placed the in-floor outlet boxes where each cubicle is to be. Now I get to re-arrange my 25 pair KTS telephone cables and the red & blue Cat-5 cables so that I have a full set in each outlet box.

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September 07, 2004


One of the problems at my sister's house is that she in on dial-up and I left my laptop modem behind so I cannot connect with my laptop and instead have to type on her PC. Her hubby, Mike, had a Creative Labs Broadband Blaster DSL modem sitting on top of the computer. Hmmmm.... Hook it up and it has a DSL signal. Put a card in the computer, talks to the modem, try to pull a DHCP address. nope. Try PPPoE using Mike's Earthlink log-on. nope.

Mike is not sure who is providing the DSL signal, either AOL or Earthlink. He can't remember, it never worked. I call go online with Earthlink to try to find out whether or not this is Earthlink DSL and how to connect.

Whenever you use the on-line tech-help-chat thing with Earthlink ask for the whole thing to be e-mailed to you. I didn't. But given what happened afterwards I should have.

The on-line tech refused to help me at all. He asked for the secret word and the magic number and we answered everything asked. He asked to the e-mail account name and password and we gave him that. We did everything we could to prove that we were authorized to talk about Mike's DSL service and he rejected everything we gave him.

I asked, can you at least tell me whether or not Earthlink is the provider of the DSL on this line? He told me that that was priveleged information and he could only disclose it to the owner of the line.

Now.... basically this slimebag said we are not authorized to do and know anything about Mike's Earthlink DSL service. Remember this. He claimed we are not the person who has any right to do anything with this service.

So I told him I'll just call Verizon to have the DSL service moved.

Which I did, just a few minutes ago. Mike will be getting Verizon DSL with the on-line special of first month free and $30/month at very high speeds (he's under 6K feet!). The fine gentleman at Verizon said that yes, the line was claimed by Earthlink and that he would not have to remove Earthlink because Earthlink had initiated a disconnect. That Slimebag Earthlink Scumsucker refused to accept that I was authorized to even know whether or not Mike's DSL was Earthlink provided -- but took it upon himself to disconnect Mike's DSL service.

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September 05, 2004

Pay the Piper

Mum is 80 today -- not much you can really give her. Sis thought of it and her daughter did the finding and hiring: Mum's birthday party was a simple BBQ in my sister's back yard -- only the third time in about 2 decades she has had all three of her children together, which is a present in itself. We are sitting around chatting, serving cherry cheesecake, when a loud droning noise approaches up the side of the house. Sis hired a Scottish Bagpiper to play at me mum's birthday. He was there a couple of hours, pictures here (after I get them uploaded).

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September 04, 2004


Off to see visit my mother for her 80th birthday...

9:20am: Wendy took me to Long Beach Airport, stopping to pick up my brother who was taking the same flight up to Seattle. Last flight I did was to Peru for New Years' 2001. Things have changed since then. LGB is a very small airport and a lot less frustrating than LAX -- and the people are a LOT friendlier.

Had an E-Ticket, go up to the ticket counter to get a boarding pass and they have this touch-screen thing. Type in my confirmation number, choose a new seat, and the boarding pass is printed out underneath. Chatted with the cute young thing that was standing by to make helpful suggestions and answer dumb questions.

11:30 am: Sitting in seat 6F (most forward left window in coach class.): Ears are popping as we climb to altitude. Recognized the I-5/SR-14 junction just north of L.A., but not much else. Typing notes on the laptop and playing Castle of the Winds. Planning to upload entries when I get near dial-tone.

12:50 pm: Somewhere over central Oregon. Looked at the side of my laptop and saw my type-II LAN card. Remembered that I was supposed to grab my modem card from my laptop case and put in my carry on duffle along with the laptop, power adapter and mouse. Would have been better to have remembered that before I left the house. (So now I am re-typing everything on my laptop.)

1:10 pm: The pilot has just throttled back and is starting the descent.

About 2pm: Ears didn't pop that bad, considering my sinus problem. Since I was at the front of the plane I got off quickly. Enter the terminal at SEA and look about for my Sis. Not there. Hell, no one is there to greet the plane -- I forgot 9-11 and no one is allowed to the gates to great incoming passengers. Wander to the baggage claim, assuming Sis would meet us there. Yeah, right. Talk about a stupid arrangement -- umpteen different flights, hundreds and hundreds of passengers, no way to know who is from what flight.

Fortunately, I am, of course, wearing my black hat. Sis was watching for it and found me. My brother, who sat at the back of the plane and was among the last to debark, also spotted The Hat and joined us.

Much later: Chatted with sis and her hubby, Mike. Mum came by later and we went to a Chinese place for dinner. Sis broke out a couple of old photo albums. Need to get her a scanner so we can make copies of those.

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phase II done

The move was Wednesday evening, Thursday morning I came in with Grace and we had everything that ws requested moved before 7:30. Grace left and then I moved the phones that they had not previously requested to be moved.

As of now Phase II is complete. All of the workers have been moved to their permanent locations in the green area. The red area is completely free of workers and the furniture and partitions have been stored next door. The Electricians come in next to place the outlet boxes where each new position will be. Then I get to run about 14 pairs of cat-5 cables as the desk density is slightly higher than before.

Will not worry about it until Wednesday. Monday is a holiday. Tomorrow is my mum's 80th birthday. I'm flying up this morning and wil return Tuesday. Will be taking my laptop and have it set up for dialup access to in Kirkland, WA. One of the big advantages with SBC as an ISP is that they have access numbers nationwide so I can get on-line when roaming away from my home DSL.

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September 01, 2004

Moving day, -1

9:00 am:

My beautiful wife, Wendy, the Valkyrie, woke up this morning cold and clammy, sweating, nauseated. Nominally no problem except that School Has Started for Teresa. Wendy grounded herself as she doesn't want to drive while sick, so I had to take Teresa into school. Call work to notify the Boss that I'm flexing time, drop Teresa off about 8:15, get to work about 8:30 (moving stop time to 5.)

At work the partitions and desks are in place, the list of who goes where is not yet done, I'll be running modular cables at the desks so Grace and I will not have to do any crawling tomorrow when the phones go in.

11:00 AM

Have the list of from-tos. Seems that most of the to positions, 11 of them, are in the section we set up last month. The 14 new positions we were busting a nut to get ready will get 8 of the moves.

Yeah.... 19 moves instead of the 14 max I was expecting. Don't have any extra time, of course.

13:00 The "to" positions have a discrepancy. Seems that the workers re-arranged themselves without telling the boss. We are going with the workers' wants. More and more I learn why I would never be a manager -- herding cats is far easier and less frustrating.

(I have my laptop set on on one of the desks -- writing this is a huge stress relief.)

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