July 31, 2003

Oh, on that ExecSupport job she wanted the three lines in her office -- again didn't take the before picture but there were existing your standard RJ11 surface mount jacks -- two of them. I suppose I could have matched it with a third jack, but that is not my style. Not to mention that the jacks were mounted wrong -- they had the opening facing UP so dirt/dust/etc. could drop down into the jack. Jacks should always be mounted so the opening is sideways or down.

So I replaced the pair of mis-mounted jacks with a single Panduit four-jack housing. (I like the Panduit jacks -- easy to assemble and have been trouble free in the several thousands we (OCS) have installed over the past 5 or so years.)

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July 30, 2003

New Protector

click to open door and enlarge

Today was another of those days where they got me to actually work. Executive support, a VP is moving into a new house and OCS gets to do the communications work. Starting with the incoming dial tone. Previous owner had three telephone lines, and the last installer ran a six-pair drop. Unfortunately he did not have a six-position protector on hand, so he added a second protector to the existing two-line protector connected by beaning an IW jumper to the new drop inside the existing protector. Should've took pictures. *SIGH* The six-pair drop and the eight IWs and the two grounds made a tight wad of wire crammed under the cover.

Since this was for ExecSupport, and since I will not do to another what I would not accept at my own house, I ripped it all out and replaced it with a Siecor six-position protector that *I* just happened to be carrying in my van. I like this particular protector because Siecor makes a DSL splitter that mounts inside, replacing two of the line connect modules -- and I like DSL.

While I had all the IW off the protector I went to each and every jack in the house and put tone on it so I could label, at the protector, each and every IW as to where it goes. Hey -- the next guy to work on that house will either be me or one of the other three of us that do ExecSupport. I like making it easy for myself.

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Kid stuff

Someday (in my dreams!) I'll be able to program like a 14-year-old.


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July 24, 2003

First Floor Complete!

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Now this is how a small LAN in a tiny terminal closet should look. The switches are mounted in the rack, along with three rows of Panduit cat-5 patch jacks. (Lots of room for upgrading the station wire.) Below those is a 24-jack cat-3 patch panel cabled to the old telephone backboard to deliver EOTP to those who's cables were terminated on the older 66 blocks. Also for picking up dial tone to send out on the cat-5 cables. The new LAB with it's rack has a digital telephone connected to the PBX on the 2nd floor via the existing telephone cabling. All patch cables on the rack are neatly kept in Panducts.

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July 23, 2003

Cleaning Ugly

This is actually an old picture, month or so ago as I was cleaning up Ugly to current standards. Ugly was the light blue 3Com switch sitting on a wire rack supported by cheap metal shelf brackets between two half racks of KeyTelephoneSystem cards.

The swing gate has been mounted high, the working switch mounted, and the new Cisco switch also trial mounted to check clearances. Below the rack you can see the KTS panel, which was removed a week later after I cut everybody off and onto slightly more modern telephones.

After removing the KTS the rack was lowered so that the fiber patch panel, mounted on the wall to the right of the rack as you look at it, would be able to open. The second Cisco was mounted, both Ciscos connected by fiber to each other and to the new LAN on the 2nd floor. Users were migrated from the old to the new and the 3Com removed.

The problem now was that the swing gate could not be swung open -- the LAN cables were run to the left as you look at the rack. Which meant that I needed to re-terminate all of those connections to a patch panel mounted in the rack. Which takes us to the next entry.....

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July 22, 2003

Good Morning!!

Been *very* busy both at work and at home so I haven't been keeping up on the blog -- but today started with a very good morning.

Start the car, 300 feet to the corner, hang a right onto a 30 mph all the side streets have stop signs residential street heading east to the main drag. Since this street has very light traffic (main streets one block north and south) and is somewhat protected by stop signs, some people tend to exceed the 30 mph limit. Not many, but those few are a danger. Some of these get irate at those of us who are doing the speed limit and PASS by driving in the opposite lane.

So this morning I see a motorcycle parked on the other side of the road -- a cop with a radar gun! I circle the block and park, ask if I may take a picture for my blog. Do so. Chat a little. Seems that we are not a very productive street for tickets. A couple of cars go by. "How fast?" says he. "About 35." "36. The other 37." He lets them slide. It's morning, clear, dry. I tell him about being passed on this street. A few minutes late he excuses himself to chase down a Camaro that just passed a pickup truck.

Traffic patrol is pretty much a boring, thankless job. I know I couldn't stand it. But it does warn the cockles of one's heart to see one of the idiots get nailed. It made my whole day better.

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July 02, 2003

Signature Parking

I can always tell if someone else drove my van last -- they never park it correctly. I always park within a half inch of the concrete base of the lamp pole. Today I parked nearly perfect. Slightly less than the thickness of a sheet of typing paper between the van and the pole.

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Running wire

Been rather busy the past week. Finished the cutover at the training center, meetings with the people setting up the new offices at 2154 (where we recently upgraded the LAN), the usual.

The office will be the standard cube city. Each position gets four four-pair cat-5e cables: one each for ethernet LAN, Asynchronous LAN, analog dial-up, a PBX telephone. The electricians are running conduits for me, a pair of 2 inch and a pair of 1.5 inch and three or four 3/4 inch. I will be pulling eight quads (32 cat-5 four-pair cables) in each of the 2 inch, six in the 1.5 inch, and single quads in the 3/4 inch pipes.

Will be rolling the cables off the reels, above. I will be placing a rod between the two red carts to hold two more large (1000 foot) reels of cable. I have 6,500 feet of quad-four, or about 5 miles of four-pair cat 5-e cable. With one helper it should only take a day to run, and a couple more days to terminate the ends and test to cat-5.

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