July 22, 2003

Good Morning!!

Been *very* busy both at work and at home so I haven't been keeping up on the blog -- but today started with a very good morning.

Start the car, 300 feet to the corner, hang a right onto a 30 mph all the side streets have stop signs residential street heading east to the main drag. Since this street has very light traffic (main streets one block north and south) and is somewhat protected by stop signs, some people tend to exceed the 30 mph limit. Not many, but those few are a danger. Some of these get irate at those of us who are doing the speed limit and PASS by driving in the opposite lane.

So this morning I see a motorcycle parked on the other side of the road -- a cop with a radar gun! I circle the block and park, ask if I may take a picture for my blog. Do so. Chat a little. Seems that we are not a very productive street for tickets. A couple of cars go by. "How fast?" says he. "About 35." "36. The other 37." He lets them slide. It's morning, clear, dry. I tell him about being passed on this street. A few minutes late he excuses himself to chase down a Camaro that just passed a pickup truck.

Traffic patrol is pretty much a boring, thankless job. I know I couldn't stand it. But it does warn the cockles of one's heart to see one of the idiots get nailed. It made my whole day better.

Posted by at July 22, 2003 04:46 PM

I'd love to have one of the those ticket books. Mayor bloombug wants to make money for the city -pffft, I'd close the buget deficit in a week ticketing just the people on my block and within a mile radius.

Posted by: Lynne at July 23, 2003 11:07 AM

It's so disrespectful to speed through neighborhoods that have children and pets. They should give out double fines for residential areas, just like they do for construction zones.

Posted by: Sharon at July 28, 2003 07:54 PM