June 19, 2003

Truely WIERD

OK..... Found the computer that was originally on the DSL line at work, on a fixed IP address. It's NT and the admin password is not available, so I cannot change it's fixed IP address.

So.... I have:

Public IP, fixed --to--> Cayman Router --to--> DHCP in range of 192.168.1.xxx --to--> SMC Barricade Router --to--> DHCP in range of 216.103.57.xxx --to--> my laptop, with a fixed IP that *IS* the public IP.

I have the public IP running through *TWO* NAT boxes to go out on it's own IP address?

My head hurts...

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June 16, 2003


It's another Monday, don't feel up to great technical challenges, so I decided to terminate the cables I ran in the server room between the patch jacks and the server racks. They are run under the floor, the jacks mount near the floor, so I have two choices: excessive cable or sit cross-legged on the floor while attaching the jacks to the cables. About an hour. Sitting cross-legged. Tried to stand. ARRGH! Didn't used to hurt like that when I was younger.

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June 09, 2003

More dollars to cents

Whew! Physical work! Cleared the backboard of several dozen 25-pair cables that used to carry hundreds of asynchronous and ethernet connections. Wrapped up by ripping the heavy 10base2 coaxial cable off the wall and stuffing it into the scrap bag. Original cost: dollars per foot. Current value: pennies per pound.

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Monday. AGAIN!

The only good thing about mondays is walking into the A-Building to be greeted by our un-official greeter, Laura. She has the front corner cubicle and always has a smile on her face. I think she's up to something.

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June 08, 2003


Did I mention that our main computer, T-Bird 1200, upped and died? Did I mention that my kids, lacking their game machine, voted me worst dad ever?

Picked up a MB-CPU combo at Frys for $99.99, tossed in a new fan, out of the store for under $125. Open the computer, unbolt and set aside the power, unscrew the drives and slide them forward, remove cables and remove old MB, CPU, fan. Unpack new. Mount CPU, fan. Transfer the 256M DDR from old to new. Mount in case, connect cables, power up. OKAY!!

WinXP wouldn't boot, but that was only a few hours work to get running.

The main computer is now a Thoroughbred 2400+. SETI crunches a WU in 2-3 hours.

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June 05, 2003


So today was the day I get to cut everyone from the old LAN (the past haunting, etc.) to the new LAN. Starting with the printers. Telnet into the first printer, change the IP addresses. Unplug from the back of the printer and put the cable into my Pinger. Link. Get an IP address -- yep, old LAN. Set to blink the port. Mosey into the terminal closet, locate the blinking port and move from the old 3Com hub to the new Cisco switch. Back to the printer, stop the blinking, pull a new IP address -- yep, new LAN. Put cable back into the printer. Nadine checks that the printer works thru the servers. Repeat four more times. Bump a user off a workstation, release the IP, plug the cable into the Pinger, locate and move the hub/switch port, restore cable, renew IP, let the user have his workstation back. Repeat 30 times.

(Actually, upstairs they were mostly empty cubicles and they're running Win2000 which pulls a new IP as soon as you switch LANs. 15 of the 30 were simply move cable. And the 24 workstations upstairs were accurately recorded on the LEP (Lan Entry Point) sheets so I didn't need to identify ports.

Nadine printed out the new LEP sheets, left in the terminal room, and left. A good day's work.

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