March 31, 2003


Eldest daughter's best friend's father caught a cockatiel. He couldn't keep it, so it passed onto us, naturally. We have a dog, a cat, a large king snake, a couple of small garter snakes, a rabbit, a chinchilla, a rat, and a parakeet; so what's one more creature. Named Horace, pronounced Horus -- the Eyptian bird-god.

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March 28, 2003


ProComm Plus does EVERYTHING!

All Joe wanted was to send a FAX. So i dig into the junk drawer and come up with a still in the shrinkwrap copy of QuickLink II. It was written for WIN 3.1 but it works fine under WinNT 4.0.

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March 27, 2003


A bit of history.....

The LAN I'm installing consists of four T1s feeding two Cisco 6500 routers feeding a dozen Cisco 10/100 switches. If the LAN fails completely they designed a backup path of a Cisco 2610 with the async module connected to the console ports of the routers. Feed to the 2610 is via an ISDN line. They shipped the router with a T1 WIC rather than the ISDN WIC, and no async module. E-Mailed the Implementor, who ordered an ISDN WIC and the async module. Received the acynch module and another T1 WIC. E-mailed the Implementor. A week or two later received a request from him for the SN of the 2610 that they were to go into. Sent the information, along with a note that everything was still in their boxes, sort of useless without an ISDN WIC, under my desk awaiting word as to what he wants done with them.

That was two weeks ago.

I arrive at work this morning to find a printout of an E-Mail on my desk. It had been sent to me, and CC'd to my boss who had printed it and left it for me. As if I don't check my E-mail. It was from the Implementor asking for the information I had sent him as noted above.

Went into my sent folder, printed out the e-mail I had sent 15 days prior, showed it to the boss as an FYI that I did not slip up. Did a cut and paste and sent the information off [i]again.[/i]

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March 26, 2003

Popup Stopper!

I bet that's it. I'm at work, ghosting an image on a co-worker's laptop, using his other laptop to surf. So naturally I go play with my weblog.

I have been having a problem with configuring my MovableType weblog -- everytime I tried to rebuild I got a error on page message. Didn't get that here. Did get a popup window asking what I wanted to do. DUH!! Idiot! You have Popup Stopper on your laptop -- you [i]cannot[/i] do the MT rebuild unless you disable Popup Stopper.

It's those little things you overlooked that'll drive you bananas.

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March 24, 2003


Valkyre handed me mail from Earthlink... "Come back to Earthlink" it begs. I can't come back since I was never with Earthlink.

Back in '98 Pacific Bell Internet changed it's unlimited dial-up to 200 hours a month. Looking at past bills I saw we were on-line for about 300 hours a month. So I got a second ISP,, for $10 month on a year prepay. Renewed JPS once. Then sold to Mindbridge (or something like that) and Mindbridge was bought by Earthlink. I never got a second renewal notice -- which I was going to return telling them I did not need them any more since I now had DSL.

About six months after I had stopped using the service Earthlink tried dunning me for a year's service and late charges. Called and told the nice lady I had never sighed with Earthlink, had never agreed to pay Earthlink, did not use Earthlink -- and she said she would make the bill disappear. Did the same routine about two months later. And again two months after that. They finally quit calling.

'Til now. "Come back!" *WHY*? Your billing department is honked up. Not to mention that you want "only @21.95 per month.*" (1/4" high numbers.) The fine print (1/16") is that after 3 months it's $49.95/month. That's $443.40 for the year. I am currently with PBI/SBCglobal-Yahoo DSL for $29.95/month (employee rate) which is $359.40 a year.

Like I really am about to pay $84 a year *more* for DSL service *and* switch to a company that I had to fight for six months to stop billing me for service I had never signed up for or recieved.

I think I'll stay with my present provider.

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I hate mondays. Get to work and a co-worker's laptop won't boot. Seems as if good old stable as a rock WINNT 4.0 has a page error in a non-page area, or something like that. So I take a couple or three hours to wipe the HD and put on a new image. 5 cd's worth. Then boot and rename and register the laptop. Then rebuild the RAS that the registration program mucks up. Then open and close the tech go-get--and-close-work program a dozen or twenty times while it catches up on the new data that was added since the disk image was made.

While waiting for it to do it's thing I also poke at my laptop and I think I figured out how to do links and an image at the top of this blog....

edit -- yep, but the image at the left moves *all* the text to the right. Looks much better with the image right.

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March 23, 2003

A day of Rest

Which means I should be working around the house instead of working at the 'phone company. So I got Valkyre's forum back in, corrected a minor error on my weblog configuration. Harrass a few people on usenet. *Think* about going up on the roof to reseal the flashing to the house.....

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March 22, 2003

A New Beginning

I crashed it. I start again.

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March 21, 2003

Close counts... horseshoes and hand grenades.

Today was the day that the dialtone for the CEV (mentioned in the March 19th entry) should be live. Accessing MLT (Mechanized Line Testing) on my laptop I find that the dialtone is good to go and I have an open out about 7,000 feet from the C.O.. Call on the customer (office is about 200 yards from mine) and get the location of the CEV and the cable and pair they want the dialtone on and meet with Otis, the installer tech who is working in that CEV. The service order showed it north of Rosecrans, the reality is south of Rosecrans. The feeder cable north was the 134, the feeder south is the 143 cable.

Go back the the shop and work the first four disconnect orders I have on my workload. Roll out to the CEV, say "hi" to Otis and let him know I'm off to the C.O. to swing cross-connect to the new F1 (feeder cable.)

Arrive at the C.O., ask the frame attendent if she would swing my order to the new F1. "Got paper?" she growls. "I'll get it. I have a tech in the CEV and I want to verify before he leaves, if you don't mind" delivered with my best heart-melting smile. Worked fine. Of course I had to also give her my name, SCBUID, contact telephone, and the deed to the ranch with the implication that if I did not get the paper to match she would put the jumpers back and come after me to dance on my corpse. I call the Line Assignment Center to get the assignments changed. Call the number to test it and Otis (you remember Otis, the Tech in the CEV) answers the 'phone. I close the order and dispatch on my next four disconnect orders.

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March 20, 2003

Minor Oversight

Sitting at the InCharge desk while ghosting a new image onto the boss's laptop and getting it's databases caught up. The Hi-Cap supervisor spots me, asks if I can take a peek at her printer. "Sure, what's the problem?" "Won't print in color. Had three techs look at it and none of them can figure it out."

It's a HP copier/scanner/fax/color inkjet printer thing. Drivers look good. Settings look good. Pull up a picture off my website and print it out. In black and white. Hmmm..... Look at the picture. Not really a B&W image as much as a missing color image. As if all the color jets were blocked. Smile at the supervisor, open the cover and remove the color cartridge, holding at eye level between us I remove the protective tape covering the jets.

I like the simple fixes.....

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March 19, 2003

You want it where?

Have an order to provide dialtone in a CEV. You would expect that a CEV, a minature central office that provides dialtone, wouldn't need to get it from the main central office. Or if it did it could get there on the same cable that connects the CEV to the BBox. Nope. The order is to place a drop wire from the nearest pole-mounted aerial terminal. Checking it out, I found the pole, but there is no CEV anywhere near the alleged address.

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March 18, 2003

The Beginning

Valkyre wanted to host her blog on her own site. So I downloaded MovableType 2.63 and (after days of struggling) got it up and running. It looks like fun, just typing your daily rants, so I figured I'd set myself up with a blog also. Kinda ugly right now.

Meanwhile, back at the shop.....

Yesterday I moved the last seven connections off the old Cabletron LAN ( and onto the new Cisco LAN ( Because of growth vs. limited public IPs we are switching to private IPs internally (Intranet) and running through a proxy/firewall if we want to go outside of the company (Internet.)

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