March 15, 2014

quote Stroganoff /quote

There are a few things that bother me, one is calling something "Stroganoff" that is not really Stroganoff.

I do a Very Good Stroganoff. I learned Stroganoff from my Father, back in the 1950's. I have modified Dad's menu with fresh mushrooms (which was not always available in Detroit in the '50's) with a little wine instead on the liquid in the can of mushrooms, and Arizona Gunslinger instead of black pepper.

Today, on the Star Princess, on the menu was:

HELLO!! A "stroganoff" (in quotes thank you) made [i]with kosher pickles[/I]?? Dill Pickles?!! They are lucky I am not allowed into the kitchen.

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March 12, 2014


No "tour" today, no bus full of tourists. I rented a motorcycle, a SYM RV200 scooter, similar as my Vespa. Planned to go to the east side of Kaua'i to see a couple of waterfalls that tour bus wouldn't go to, but I got lost and ended up going to Waimea instead. Was going to go there anyhow, for whatever time I had left; just got to have more time for Waimea Canyon. The tourist bus stops at a big lookout and goes back to the coast:

On the scooter, we went further. A stop on the side on the road, another lookout with a small parking lot that a bus would not fit.

Since I missed the eastern waterfalls, I had time to go to the end of the road, to see the North coast of Kaua'i. It is a rather up and down, worse than the Eastern Sierras.

Down the road back to Waimea on the West coast, a bit North, to Mac Arthur Park and the wide beach where the Surfers go:

Getting late, you can see the shadows from the West sun, Wendy and I get back on the Scooter and back to Nawiliwili and the ship.

Stopped for gas, but I couldn't open the tank. Got back to the scooter and sign off. Back on to the ship with 5 minutes to spare.

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March 10, 2014

Hilo, Hawai'i, Hawaii

Late morning, 9 am, we arrive in Hilo, island of Hawai'i, State of Hawaii. To not confuse the island with the State, Hawai'i is generally called "The Big Island." Grey skies, rain on and off. Hilo is in a rain forest area.

We had a tour bus waiting, and in a few minutes we were off to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Looking at the big crater and the little (shown) crater inside of the bigger. Steaming cracks. They have lava tubes, the trail to the lava tube with Wendy showing the rain forest trees:

Back toward Hilo, stop at a (the?) Tropical Botanical Gardens. Relaxing, smell good, very muggy.

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March 08, 2014

Cruise Hawaii

Star Princess, Deck 14, an inside room, small, big enough, with a sign in the door saying "Happy Birthday" since Wendy will be celebrating her 50th birthday on the cruise.

Go on board about 3 pm, hour or so later they head out on the Pacific Ocean. Four days at sea, starting with grey skies, some rain, but some sun but still cloudy and I don't get a photo of the sunset.

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