February 11, 2014

New rear tire

After 8054 miles I have worn out the original rear tire and the used tire/wheel I picked up on eBay. The new tire is a made in Germany Heidenau K62 reinforced 130/70-10 62M TL. Most 10" scooter tires have an J-speed, 62 mph. The Pirelli tires I had an L-speed 75 mph rating. Heidenau has an M-speed 81 mph rating. Normally a LX150 uses a 120/70-10 54M tire, load capacity of 467 pounds. The 130/70-10 can carry 584 pounds. All which means a stronger longer wearing tire.

I got the tires from Racing Planet, a company from Germany with a warehouse in Florida. U.S. companies don't carry the Heidenau K62 130/70-10.

The tire is nominally 0.4" wider with a 0.27" larger radius. I was hitting a rev limiter at an indicated 73 mph. I should be able to hit 75 mph.

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