March 23, 2013

Work Order, AUG.2011

Had the paper, had the pictures, finally got around to posting the blog.

Got the paper, due for a week later, IM the client to see what they want. Hey, I was OCS, I worked with my clients, I did the work when they needed, not what the bean counters wanted. Some people are moving desks and need service moved when real estate move them. (Had one lady where I wired her service in both old and new offices -- just plug your phone / fax / LAN from one to the other with no lost of service.) ANYHOW, this time the client IM'd me:

The paper:
Ahhh..... RIGHT.... I'll be there in under an hour.... Found the pictures:

They were not kidding! No big deal, there was a cable under the table, just moved the service from one cable to another. Only needed OCS to find the cable -- it is in a Central Office and the cabling is decades old and be fun finding.

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March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Wendy

You are 50, -1 year:

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March 10, 2013

25th Anniversary

A little late, but finally done:
20th and 25th Anniversaries
20 year:

and 25 Year:

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March 07, 2013

Street Art

Partial picture. Click for the 21,000 by 500 pixel 2Gb full size mural.

Having fun riding. Where? I am finally going around to see what I can see. On the scooter forum they have a "tag" thread -- someone has a picture with his scooter, you shoot your scooter on the same (local) or similar (world wide) place, then you post the next "tag."

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