April 28, 2013

3000 miles

Got the Vespa on October 12 2012. I have done 3,000 miles.

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April 21, 2013

You don't WANT to go home

Going back home hurts. You remember what was and look what is now.

In the late '80's I joined OCS, the group that Pacific Bell installed and maintained Pacific Bells internal communications. I helped Joe Baca maintain Apra Call Center. Lamar built a new Call Center on Western. New LAN, Ungermann-Bass XNS protocols, AUI connectors, 8-port hub, lots of hubs spotted around the floor as the cables only ran about 80 feet. Then were pulled in twisted cables into the LAN room, with U-B Access One hubs, then upgraded with Cabletron hubs, then Cisco equipment. 35 24-port hubs, 840 ports, about 750 clients plus printers.
The New Millennium, a new way of working with people. Basically, get rid of them. I joined OCS with a crew of more then 20 people. By 2002 we had a crew of 8. On Dec.27, 2003, the crew was cut in half. The Call Center had been doing the same. In late 2004 I had to rearrange the floor of the '81 building so they could cram the people left in the '41 building into the '81. The OCS work being done a crew of one, me.

In 2007 they decide they want to sell the Call Center building at 21281 Western Ave and move the people into a new leased building at 21061 Western Ave. "ah... excuse me people, but there is no fiber into the building. We use DS3 circuits." So they sit on leased building, idle, awaiting the fiber. It took over six months.

June 1, 2008, Faze and Tok have retired, OCS is no longer a separate organization, I am officially part of Special Service. My boss is a female in Orange County, her crew took over the job at 21061, Tok told me to take my vacation. I had not have vacation for over 2 years, so for I had to take 12 weeks of vacation in the last 26 weeks of 2008. Meanwhile they totally screwed up the job.


I have my triple bypass, my stroke, off the job on disability for 11 months when the peers said I was lucky to have had a stroke, they don't want old farts who know what they are doing so I retired. John is the last OCS technician, and he is on disability, joying chemo, losing hair, losing weight....

Meanwhile the Call Center is mostly gone. From over 700 they are down to two dozen workers. They are being kicked out of the leased office and are supposed to move into a smaller office, same building, from 1st and 2nd floors to the 3rd. It ain't going to happen. There is no OCS, there is the old farts that can connect no matter what. They will not be able to get the DS3 circuits moved and they will move the jobs to India.

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April 04, 2013

Pump House

The pool pump failed. There is a bearing that needed to be replaced, IF it could disassembled. Rusted solid. It has had a decade in the weather, Wendy ordered a new one. Should have protected it a decade ago, finally made a box to protect the new pump. About 18" x 18" x 18", vented, but will need the pump out of the weather:

Snoopy's Pump House

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