November 20, 2009

Quicker Fixer

I take a call on my Company Cell Phone... It's a delivery company, they have my name as a contact for a delivery of a Hard Disk Drive from Hewlett Packard to the old Torrance Call Center. The one that was vacated over a year ago. I have it delivered to me in Carson. Dude calls about a half hour later, he's on site looking for me!

Take the package, get on my laptop -- have no work order to install, no e-mail requesting my service. Interesting. No one wants me to do anything with this delivery?

Same day deliveries are only done on *HOT* items -- which means it is for a server. Since they mentioned the address of the old Call Center it must be for the new Location. I mosey on down, poke my nose into the LAN/Server room. Sure enough, have a server with a row of Hot-Swappable drives, mostly green but with one amber. Open the package, the drive matches. So I do a Hot Swap. Drive is recognized, goes green, server has happy lights. Put the bad drive in the box and head back to the barn.

Call the Hot Line -- "hello? I received this disk drive, is there any work request open on the server?" Not that they know of. OH WELL!!


Server had an alarm, someone came in remotely, found the bad drive. They called HP. HP does a same day delivery of a replacement. To ME. Obviously someone wants me to swap the drive out, so I did. But... You know... It would have been *courteous* to maybe call me to ASK if I could do this? I mean, they HAVE my cell phone number -- they gave it to the shipping company!

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November 09, 2009


Wow... almost mid-November.

School is over, I'm back to real work. Have a client needs a phone, on back order. Have a Supervisor Card to plug into a dead Cisco 6509, but it's in the mail, somewhere. Have a client switching from Analog to ISDN in hopes of bypassing a noisy analog trunk, but that involves taking her phone off-line for a while and could I please come back Thursday?

So I grab the 24 port Ethernet Switch and take it over to the B-Building for installation. Unbolt lower and rebolt a shelf, a power strip, and two Cisco 2600's. Which gives me the space to mount the new switch. Power up, connect the fibers, head for the Main LAN room.

The ports for the new switch on the B-Router are dark, they need to be turned on. The ports for the new switch on the A-Router are dark, because that's the 6509 that is awaiting a Sup Card (see above). Call Implementor, might as well wait until the router is up before enabling the switch.

So now I get to run LAN cables from the closet with the new switch to the Tech Rooms where they need the LAN access.

It's all Fun.....

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