October 31, 2009

School, Day 2

Oy Vey!! Not only is the instructor technically lacking, so were the people who wrote the course. So much misinformation. It is little wonder that there are so many problem with Tech Support when the people they are training to go help the customer are being given incorrect information as a basis to work from.

Some of it is minor, yeah, and maybe is it nit-picking. But if they get minor stuff wrong it means that they do NOT know the subject and everything "learned" must be suspected of being WRONG. Unfortunately the instructor has noticed me in the back grimacing and shaking my head. A large part of which is the headache that develops when the misinformation slams headon into known facts.

It is not like I don't know telecommunications. I started in the Air Force in 1966 where I hogged the "honor student" title for high test scores, set a few new highest evers. My cousin Jim was into computers from the days, and in the '70's I was playing in the Collosal Cave. Christmas of 1980 saw the Vic-20 being sold for $300, I ended up with an $1600 Atari 800. 1981 I got into computer communications and started the S.W.A.M.P.S. B.B.S., Which ran through 1989 or so. The last program the SWAMPS ran on was written 100% by me, in BASIC-XL, running under DOS-XL, on a 128K 800XL. My disk access for mesages bypassed DOS, accessing the database directly through the serial I/O with me keeping the disk mapping in RAM -- I cut a whole quarter second out of each disk access and the speed was noticible.

When Pacific Telephone started using computers more I was in there poking around, seeing as I already knew more than most. I got into OCS in '87 and started installing LANs for the Phone Company. I was surfing the Internet pre-Netscape. When Pacific Bell started it's internet service I was one of the Beta Testers. They announced DSL in 4Q1989, said it was a 18,500' max loop. Went back to the shop and measured mine, 20,400. 4Q1999 they offered DSL and screw the distance, I got mine on December 29th, 1999. Pitiful speed, and an occasional drop out. A few months and the service was down about 30% of the time, they cleaned my cable and I was good for the next several years -- with speeds from 768 slowly degrading over the years to about 600. 1Q2000 I was loaned to ASI and installed DSL, Wendy found dslreports.com and I joined and learned more about DSL. A lot more. Ended up as a moderator on the site, had a difference of opinions and started DSLRetorts.com -- just when PBI had gotten it's act together and external support was no longer needed.

So it is very difficult to sit quietly in class when someone who obvioulsy is not a technical person is teaching a course written by non-technical persons to someone who has been doing this for many decades and DOES know that what they are saying is wrong.

Which may be a moot point -- John had 4 trouble tickets and 3 service orders. He fobbed them off onto Jimmy, as George was off. Jimmy called his counterpart in north L.A. and discovered that no help was available as they were on a skeleton crew, their techs being the other OCS techs in the class. So Monday should see John or I back working to keep the company's internal communications working. I have a new Switch next to my desk that needs to be installed in the B-Building so that the techs can get onto the LAN to pull their daily workload. The "A" router is off-line, we are running with no backup, and our LAN is supporting Los Angeles Construction and Engineering, The people who install and maintain the fiber network that civilization relies on for it's existance, the phones and cables and such that everyone in the southern half of Los Angeles uses to communicate with the rest of the world. If the "B" router fails a LOT of people will be inconvienced, like a million or so.

Just my Humble Opinion, but I think that keeping the world running is a little more important than my "learning" a subject that I know far more about than the people who wrote the course, teaching me to install DSL when I will never have time to do so, and which I already could do better than 90% of the people already doing it.

But, hey, I'm just the Tech... I don't make the world shaking decisions.

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October 29, 2009


Starting today I'm at a seven day DSL class. What they need seven days for I don't know. Class is 9 people, all OCS techs. All OLD Techs An average of 34 years service. Poor instructor is not a technician. We are driving her crazy.

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October 04, 2009

Screwed up....

Well, the bike started, sort of. Barely running, hardly any power, will not idle. A bit more vibration than I remember. Clutch neither releases fully or engages fully. And massive oil leakage.

Wife yelled at me -- "...LOUD, you had it pointed right at the bedroom window."

No riding for a while. Like maybe a month or three....

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October 03, 2009

Cam Chain Day Whatever

Bike is mostly back together -- just needs the exhaust, pegs, tank and seat replaced. Engine spins without banging things.

addendum: 7:30pm -- all that is needed is to put the petcock back into the gas tank, add gas and oil, and try to start the bike.

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