September 29, 2009

CamChain 2

Had to go get a plug and plug wrench. Finally got to look at my spark plug -- hardly worn and a nice light grey. Got the head cover off, got the piston up to top dead center. The next step according to the book, is to undo the cam chain tensioner. No mention of taking the right side cover off. Hmmmm. Well, that's for tomorrow.....

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September 28, 2009

Cam Chain

They claim the cam chain stretches and at about 15-30,000 miles the cam chain tensioner pops loose and all hell breaks loose inside the engine.

I have 28,700+ miles on the bike, new chain and tensioner in hand.

Remove seat.
Drain fuel tank.
Remove petcock screws, place in baggie, tape to top of tank.
Remove fuel tank, disconnecting Speedometer cable, 3/4" square electrical connector, and 1/8" vent tube in process.
Remove pretty-up chrome head covers
Remove upper engine mount, clamp to handlebar for storage
pull spark plug wire, try to pull compression release. Going to need the impact screwdriver again.

Shove bike in garage, go get a beer.....

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