August 27, 2009

What is she?

Pepper Anne:

Wendy sent off for a DNA testing kit, swabbed Pepper's cheeks, sent the swabs in and we got the results. Our German Shepherd - Whippet cross has neither breed in her heritage. What they sent us:

Pepper is a MUTT. Her parents were Mutts. Her grandparents were mutts. DNA analysis reveals that one of her grandparents was an Akita -- she is one quarter Akita. The other breeds are all great-grandparents: she is one eight each Bernese Mountain Dog, Golden Retriver, Doberman Pinscher, Weimaraner, Border Collie, and Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkie?? BLEAH!!!

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August 04, 2009

Watch List

Normal trouble report -- check LAN connection on the printer on the second floor at the Gardena training center, a Xerox Workcentre. Find it, it is plugged into the red LAN jack, I plug into the green and get a connection. Printer is labled with an IP address, I try to ping, nothing. Try to get to it's configuration but it is passworded to stop me from looking. So I reboot it -- it prints a configuration page at the end of initializing everything. Claims it is DHCP and that it did pull it's assigned address. Try pinging again, nope. It must see a connection if it pulls an address from the DHCP server, I can't ping it? Strange!!

Unplug the LAN cable, reboot again. again get a configuration sheet. HUH? Little bugger *still* claims it pulled it's DHCP address. I assume out of it's butt as it is not connected to the LAN! Display is saying something about checking network connection so it knows it is unplugged so it is knowingly lying about getting an address from the DHCP server. And since it now is complaining of no network where it did not previously it was previously connected.

Plug the LAN cable back into the network, and now it does respond to a ping. Talk with Support at Xerox -- seems that rebooting with the LAN disconnected is one of the ways you kick start the built-in network card.

This one is on my short list of "to be watched." Next time it fails, and there is always a next time, I will be checking my blog to refresh my memory so as to verify that rebooting with the LAN disconnected resets the card.

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