July 19, 2009

Animal Crossing, City Folk

Girls got a WII. They've suckered me into one of their games... Animal Crossing City Folk. You are a character in a small rural area (don't know why it's called city folk as the city is a bus ride away) and you set up a house, go fishing, bug hunting, grow fruits and flowers. . . your normal waste of time simulation.

They will grade you on your house. You get points for various things that for the most part I cannot figure out, except they like the gyroids. So, for fun, I set up 100% gyroids yesterday:

SECOND FLOOR: 36 Gyroids

FIRST FLOOR: 64 Gyroids

BASEMENT: 64 Gyroids

So what did it get me? The highest rating yet, 178,787 points (previous high was just over 150K) The room is Totally Perfect!

Wow! Totally Perfect. It is wall to wall gyroids. 164 of them, 101 unique. No music box, no seating, no lighting, not room left to even ENTER the room. But that is Perfect!

My Gyroids, the first 101 unique, were on second floor and in the basement. The Gyroids on the first floor were borrowed from Wendy.

Sometimes I wonder about ol' Lyle. I don't think he is completely right in the head.

I'm going to stash the Gyroids with Brewster and go back to my garden room and music room and I'm not sure what on the smaller second floor.

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July 08, 2009

I was in error

Another day with no work assigned, which means I get to go the the 2.1 and find dial tones that are not going anywhere so I may issue disconnect orders. Said orders to appear weeks later on my workload showing that I have things to do when I don't. Great system there.


Not all wire is created equal. The cross connect wire for dial tone is normally a single red-white pair. Key Telephone use three pairs, usually blue, orange, green. Data was generally connected using a two-pair red-green-orange-brown jumper, which is no longer used as data has been superceded by patched LAN connections. So there's these red-green-orange-brown jumpers on my tie cable to the 1.1 -- three doubles for 8-wire connections. We used that arrangement for serial printers off the Ungermann-Bass Access One.

The Ungermann-Bass went in in the late 1980's - early 1990's. That was the system I replaced with the Cabletron upgrade in 1996. Since the system has been gone for over a decade it should be safe to pull the jumpers. But.... I can't pull until I verify that at least one end is hanging in the breeze. So I follow note what tie pairs and head for the 1.1.

I was expecting either no cross connnects, or cross connects to the Access One Room (which is now housing the ISDN equipment.) I was wrong. My tie pairs were connected to Inside Wire. Not only that, but two pairs at a time, not four. Nah.... couldn't. Outside the 1.1 terminal room is the "printer room" which is now a storeroom. The printers that were in it were replaced when the Access One went *IN*. Those printers were connected to a 4540 controller, SSI, super antique. Open the floor in the Printer room, lots of chopped off IW. Close, open the terminal room floor next to where my jumpers are tied on the IWs, tug one, out it comes.

So I was wrong about them going to the Acccess One and being unused since 1996.

The jumpers have been unused since about 1992.

Finally got the disconnects completed.

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July 01, 2009

No Work!?

Boot up my company laptop to get my daily workload. It said I had nothing assigned. This is good, means I can get work done.

First was a meeting with the new bosses. Joy and Nina. Both 30+ year Teleco, both know me, know I take care of my customers as they have been my customer many times over the past 20+ years I have been in OCS.

Then over to the "A" building to snip Vera's phone lines to the second floor. She moved to the first floor. Last Tuesday I ran her phone lines to both desks. "Whenever you feel like moving just unplug your phone from here and plug it in there and it will work." Check today, she's not around but her new desk looks like she has moved in. Go upstairs to see if her old desk is completely moved out.

DUH!! Not only moved out, but a new person has already moved in. Velma. Hmmm.... That's the order that hit my desk this morning, due on the 17th. So I lift Vera's lines off her old cable and move Velma's lines on. Always good to do two jobs at once, saves time and effort.

Check my e-mail as I had a request from the LAN designer for clarification on a couple of printers. Have an e-mail from Gene, his printer is not working. A while back they stopped giving printers fixed IP addresses. Instead they get an address from the DHCP server and it is made 'sticky' to the MAC address of the printer. For some reason it slipped. Read the new address from the printer, reset the print server to point to that address, request that the new address be made sticky and they can have the old one back. Call the maintanence vendor to update their records.

So far not a bad day's work for having no assigned work. Will get to the LAN implementer's request after lunch.

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