March 03, 2009

LAN Split

As more and more use of the Internet occurs we started running out of available addresses in VLAN5 which supplied the B, C, and D buildings. So the D Building gets it's own VLAN. Today was cutover. Original voice calls was for a 6 am start for the cutover. I come in at 6 am, wait on the conference call, no one else shows up, recheck the e-mail and notice they switched to 6 PM. 6pm to 7:30 pm to be precise. Great! I had figured do the cut and give myself 4 to 6 hours to straighten out the pieces. Instead it's simply do the cut and ignore the pieces until the morning.

So I take a 6 hour lunch and hit the shop at 6 pm for the cut. After a bit they reload the routers and switches and stuff. And I can't get on the LAN. Seems someone forgot to configure the VLAN in the switches. Not a problem. I dig out a laptop, cable, plug into a switch and turn on the VLAN. And the second Switch. Third? Ah, that's 500 feet south over the mechanic's office. So I hike out there and do that one also. Verify that the users are back on the LAN as I leave.

Now for the printers. OOPS! They didn't get new IP addresses for the two system printers. They'll call me 7am with that info. Which means that the early morning download of the daily workload will be delayed. *SIGH* I go to get the network printers back on line but run out of time -- no overtime allowed. So they'll have to wait 'til the morning also. Oh well......

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