April 28, 2009

Crew Breakfast 2009

Big Bucks Breakfast!
Readers of my Blog will have noted past crew breakfasts. We have these in recognition of perfect attendence or perfect safety. Past Breakfasts:

August 2007 at Ricky and Ronnies

February 2008 at Ricky and Ronnies

May 2008 at Ricky and Ronnies
That last entry notes that this may have been the last crew breakfast. I was wrong. We had our safety recognition crew breakfast this morning.

The boss brought in three boxes with someone's pitiful attempt at making Piroshki -- little dumpling things stuffed with beef, chicken, or spinach. A bit of a cut back from a hot breakfast of ham and eggs at a real restaurant. But this is the New AT&T -- they only made a bigger percentage profit than the oil companies last year so they have to cut expenses somewhere! Recognition of the people who made that profit for them is a good place to start. They are currently negotiating the cuts in our health care. Nothing supports the bottom line better than a sick disgruntled work force.

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