February 12, 2009


The latest project involves 100 telephone lines. Testing the first 20 I had dial tone on 8, shorts on the other 12. The shorts all located by MLT (mechanized line test) to be at the customer premise. Pull the protectors, no change. Short a good line at the MPoE and it measures the same as the bad lines. Best I can test, the problem is in the splice case in the MPoE.

Most likely because the case was not supported and has pulled loose from the feed cable. And dropped over an inch, putting strain on splices, maybe stretching wires, cracking insulators, causing shorts. Told the Boss. He hands me a P-whatever form to fill out and carry over to Cable Maintenance, which I do. They said they'll get to it in a day or three.

And, as usual, I get a "by the way, while you're here, could you look at...." This time a guy couldn't connect to a network printer. Took a couple of minutes to fix.

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February 10, 2009

Another project

This one is a bit easier -- just under 50 positions. Move in date is 17 days away, 11 working days.

As of now, the Telecommunications Equipment Room (TE1) has the incoming and outgoing cables run, but not terminated. The BB is up, and I should have the incoming punched down today. The outgoing cables, that connect to the 48 positions, cannot be terminated until I have a rack placed in which to mount the Cat-5 patch panels.

The rack cannot be bolted down until there is a covering over what is now a bare concrete floor. That is scheduled for the 12th. The equipment rack has yet to show up on site.

Meanwhile, the T1's that feed the LAN are up and working, the LAN equipment has arrived. I cannot mount the switches until the equipment rack is in, but I can not wait on it either. So the switches are strapped to a rolling cart (so I can move them out of the room when they are doing the floor) powered up, interconnected with their fibers, and connected to the incoming T1's. My Implimentor checked my connections, all correct, and we can set the LAN up and have it working and tested without waiting until the last minute.

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February 01, 2009

New Tires

Wendy and the girls have their two Beetles, both with a few miles. Hogarth had an accident a while back, and ended up with two brands of tires with three different date codes. Tread not gone, but you lose a LOT of wet traction with shallow grooves, not to mention that 5+ year old tires are more likely to fail than new tires. So we got a new set.
Wendy was rather pleased with the Michelins that came on her car, so we went for Michelins for Hogarth -- the Primacy MXV4 in 205/55R16. They carry a DOT rating of 640AA, guaranteed 60,000 miles treadlife with "A" traction; rather impressive.

At Discount Tires in L.A. they wanted $860+. Costco quoted $578.83 -- on the road.

So we order, I drive the car in, go to the tire desk. "waddaya want?" "Four tires, installed, free." "in your dreams!" Show the printout where we had ordered and prepaid and our four tires were shipped to them, specifically for out car. "Oh.... OKay. Gimme keys, see ya in about two hours." (The bays were filled, not a problem.)

I wander away, come back in about a hour, Hogarth has been moved into a service bay. The Tech lays on the ground so as to position the lift pads perfectly. Lifts the car, pops the right front (the newest tire, an '06) and dubs it the spare. They, two guys working together, pull the tires, mount the new, inflate with nitrogen, speed balance, replace wheels on car, use a torque wrench to verify lug tightness. Quick, clean, friendly. Go to the desk, get the paperwork, the car is now outside the door and they hand me an envelop and the keys. The envelop has the purchace paper, with serial numbers, a note that we have free rotations, inflations, rebalancing, and flat fixing for the next several years.

I am suitable impressed.

The blue Beetle is getting it's tires ordered tonight, should be on by next weekend.

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