January 10, 2009

SoCal Weather

January 10th, 2009 -- t-shirt weather
Why I love it in Southern California in spite of the millions of people in the area:

That's me getting ready to put the bike into the garage, sun is setting in the southwest. Was a good day for a ride. Wendy has been going over our minutes on our Cingular (I don't care that they claim to be someone else now) plan, so I went on-line to change the plan from 600 to 1400 minutes. Want my employee discount, give 'em my att.com e-mail, and that's where they sent the link. So I had to ride in to pick it up, tried to change the service, but it wouldn't. It said to go to a store. So I did, got the service changed effective today.

It's 3.5 miles home to work, 2.8 miles to the store, and then just 2.6 miles to get home. Except it was too nice of a day, and I needed cheap gasoline, so I headed to the Valero Station at Madrona and Torrance, adding 7.3 miles to the trip home. Took on 2.4 gallons at $1.859 for regular. Saved 12 cents over the local Alliance station but burned 27 cents in gas to do it.

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January 03, 2009

Pesky Tree Rat!

May of '07 I caught this guy in one of my trees. I thought he was cute enough to take his picture, but not worthy a blog entry. Error on my part. He's now on my "wanted, dead or dead" list. Seems he has taken a liking to outdoor Christmas Lights.

It started a week or so ago, I noticed a strand of my Christmas lights hanging down from the tree. It looked to be a clean cut, I blamed the gardeners next door, as vandals would have done far more than snip a single stands of lights. I put a plug on it and ran an extension cord to provide power.

A day or so later another string went out. This one was cut above the driveway, about 10 feet off the ground. HUH?? I could see the two ends, so I climbed up a ladder to splice them together when I discovered that I had too much wire to be a simple cut. Since it was a newer string the lamps were still in the original factory color sequence and it proved that an orange bulb, complete with socket, had been removed.

Finally, December 30th, I caught the culprit in the act. I have been working in and out, was in when the dogs started acting up. Go out front and a string of lights is hanging down right in front of the door, a red bulb and socket on the ground. Looking up in the tree I see the little rat. I poke at him with my 20' stick, bang it around, he runs over to the next tree. Bang and poke at that one. Go inside to give him a chance to escape. Hopefully scared him enough that he won't return.

But I doubt it.

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January 01, 2009

New Year's Day

Happy New Year!! Went out to pick up a stack of Porterhouse Steaks for the BBQ, was treated to something rarely seen in Gardena:

Western Avenue, in Gardena California, Jan. 1st, 2009

Western Avenue with almost no traffic! Usually I have to filter through the stopped cars.

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