June 16, 2008

Project stalled

Last week I finally could have been physically connecting the LAN together for the new Call Center -- 'cept as the only OCS person I was sidetracked on a couple of troubles and installs that had orders and due dates. At LSANCA58 a printer install, and then back out the next day to fix the card reader.

Actually not the card reader, but it's LAN connection. Seems that they could not access it, it didn't respond to pings or anything. My responsibility ends at the jack -- in this case the jack is under a screwed down steel panel. Open it, sure 'nuff while the lights light it will not ping. Call the Network Maint. Center ('cept they've changed their name to protect the guilty), have them look at the port. As expected, it had shut itself down. She opens it up, everything works fine. Call access control to let them know it's back up.

Now, there was actually no real need for me to go out there, as the trouble was in the switch, not the wiring. So I ask the gentleman at access control if he thought of calling the NMC. He started in on how he used to be able to .... and I cut him off, "If we go there we'll be ranting for an hour...."

Gotta love the New AT&T......

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June 15, 2008

Fathers' Day

"Where would you like to go for dinner on Fathers' Day -- Claim Jumper, Outback?"

"Po' Folks."

Thar's 47 Claim Jumpers, a hundred or three Outbacks, but only ten Po' Folks restaurants -- six in Florida, a pair in Alabama, an' one each in Arizona and California. So if you ever are near any of them, check it out.

I had the the Senior's Catfish dinner, only two fillets, and them so large I couldn't finish. Sides of collard greens and blackeye peas, and a few of them Hushpuppies -- I do gotta figure out how to make them.

Po' Folks, in Buena Park, was next door to, shared the lot with the Movieland Wax Museum. The museum closed October 2005 -- two and a half years ago. But the sign remains and most likely an empty museum

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June 13, 2008

Even Worser

Last month I came across a case of people slitting cables to pull individual pairs out: http://www.dslretorts.com/Paladin/archives/002546.html

That was NOTHING!!

Had a pair of dialtones to be hooked up to a phone. Dial tone comes from the giant switch, down to the frame, cross connect to the protectors and out on a cable pair to be picked up at the 1.1 undergound. Piece of cake. Except the dial tone didn't arrive on either pair. Frame checks, got dial tone where she tied down, but not at the cable head. The only thing in between is the permanent wiring installed by Western Electric (or whoever took over the work once done perfectly by WECO.) Two opens in the permanent wiring? I hadn't ever seen ONE before. This morning I check it out. Behind the protector bay, back where the permanent wire is run, some IDIOT removed the PERMANENT wiring so they could bypass running their t-carrier jumper on the frame. They connected directly to the backside of the protector. Naturally, when their circuit was disconnected no one thought of repairing the destruction of corporate property that they committed.

When I dragged the comm tech over to correct he was about to cut the jumper and bean the wires!! "WHAT??? Unwrap the jumper and wrap the permanent wire down correctly!"

Sometimes it is GOOD that I do not carry my Louisville Slugger.....

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June 10, 2008

Ready to Wire

LAN RacksMoving along after the stall dealing with the daily workload. No one showed up to pull cable today, which let me mount the jack panels that will be accepting the floor jacks. RR2.1 is holding the LAN routers, fiber switches, and the RCAP (whatever that stands for) which is the ISDN back door to allow async access to the console ports of the LAN switches in the event that connectivity over the DS3s is dead. Also the patch panel to TE1. RR2.2 and RR2.3 have the voice and floor jack panels, and will be holding the LAN switches. 95+% of the patching will be with 12" cords -- easy tracing/replacing. Last rack, RR2.4, holds the big Cisco 8540 that handles the connection to the Avaya and it's roughly 200 voice lines. (That's the little box I'm standing next to a last week.)

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June 09, 2008


$4 cable holderWhen they stacked the new cable in my terminal room with the old cable I noticed something. The new reels were wider. The old reels are wood, 16" wide, and barely fit into the big steel cable reel carts. The new reels are plastic and 18" wide and my carts are useless for pulling cable off these reels.

We are supposed to start pulling cable tomorrow. So I made my own cable reel holders out of 2x3 (nominal) lumber. Actual dimensions are 1 1/2" x 2 1/2". The four legs are 24" +/- 1/8" so that one leg is a quarter inch longer than the other. 3 1/2" from one end is a 3/1/2" long 1/4" bolt, washers, double nutted. The first nut is backed off so that the two legs can swing freely, the second nut jams the first so it will not move. On the floor end, the inside legs have a 19" 2x3 nailed inside, the slightly longer outer legs have a 25" 2x3. The legs can fold flat to 25" x 25.5" x 2.5" Spread open I stapled some flat pull tape (came with the innerduct) to limit the spread. A 30" piece of 1 1/4" schedule 40 PVC waterpipe holds the cable reel.

Cheap, lightweight, easy to store, strong enough -- what more could you ask for?

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June 06, 2008


Some days they really nail it to you.

Had a pair of dialtones to be moved from 17040 to Alondra, no dial tone at the underground, but the new jumpers have been run by Doug. Client shows up, "Ready to move" "Yep" so I call RCMAC to make the change, one line shows up, not the other. Check the 1.2 -- the tip not punched down. Do so but still no dial tone. At the 1.1 Doug was off a half pair.

Second pair of dial tones .... no information on the new pairs, call RCMAC on that one, all they have is the disconnect -- no reconnect. Will get to it Monday.

Client has six or eight more lines, due 6/17 which means I don't got dial tone yet. They have an e-mail saying it's changed to due today. Check the line record, still says 6/17. Will get to it monday.

WAS going to hook all the lines up in the 1.2, which is where the telephone cables go. But their LAN cables are numbered 93-96.... the LAN in the 1.2 only goes to 48. Their LAN is out of the building next door -- and I will have to be running those six or eight dial tones over in that building.

On the bright side, they moved a printer over, and I managed to get the DHCP address made sticky.

I have my work cut out for me Monday. But for now, I'm heading out to California Adventure -- the neighbor to Disneyland.

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June 05, 2008

Avaya Moved

Part of the move of the Call Center was relocation an Avaya Media Gateway. We were running on two, but the number of telephone lines could easily be handled by one; so we did. Which freed up the second box to be used at the new location.

I had told people that the box was 27" wide by 22" deep by 19" tall and weighs about 40 pounds. When they delivered my 48 reels (about 80 pounds each) they sent ONE person. So naturally to move this one small box they sent three:

I show them the box, they wheel it out, I drive over to the new location to let them in. They pull up in a rather large van. Yep, a 20 footer, nearly empty. Madness? Overkill? Possibly. However without that box the move doesn't happen and the powers that be are doing everything they can to be sure that the box is not damaged in transit. While I could have rigged a rope harness and carried it over by myself I can understand their going crazy to make absolutely sure it arrives safely.

And it does:

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June 01, 2008

Last Crew Breakfast?

It has been three months since the last Safety Appreciation Breakfast, so we have another, very possibly the last. As usual, good turnout. (This was last Thursday, May 29th.)

A noteworthy addition, on the far left, Barry Simon. Barry was my first OCS boss when I joined the crew. He retired eighteen years ago, handing the crew over to TOK (second person on left.)

TOK moved elsewhere, Broadband I think, and we had a few more supervisors until we got TOK back. TOK's last day was May 30th. He has finally retired with something like 38 years of service. Involuntarily -- AT&T has done another internal reorganization and OCS functions/crew are now part of Special Services with a single supervisor replacing the three retirees at the Alondra garage.

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