July 30, 2008

New Tires

Just for the record, 'cause in a year or so I'll be wondering when I got them....

Ordered from Dennis Kirk, Metezler ME880 Marathon tires front and rear, IRC tubes and even new rimstrips, $231 which may or may not include the $10 tire handling in lieu of shipping which was "free" The rear I mounted the weekend before last, the front I had a bit of trouble so I took it to Vic on Monday and he swapped the new for the old. Did the balancing myself, they're good to under an eighth of an ounce. Have the tire pressures up are Metezler's recomendations, near max, and the bike is noticably more nimble.

24,440 miles on the odometer -- I've gone through three rear tires and two front, tho' the D404 is still looking good and will become a trailer tire.

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July 29, 2008

Kudos to the WIRED network

Working in the terminal room, got dizzy, felt like the room was shaking, sat down.... hey! The room IS shaking, we're having a little earthqake. After a little while the shaking stops, I call the wife on the LANDLINE -- everything is cool, nothing broke, barely caused waves in the swimming pool.

Based on the rather mild shaking plus a respectable duration, I told Wendy it was quite a ways away, about a 5.5. She goes, oh no, much stronger. Checks the TV, a 5.6 in the Chino area. I'm GOOD!!

And you notice the emphasis on landline? I tried to use the cell phone, no network, network blocked, whatever. Then I thought about it a bit....

Earthquake hits. Nearly EVERYONE has their cell phone on them, and most are trying to call others about the earthquake. Network goes into immediate overload. Meanwhile, the copper network is still working just fine. I have told people before that they really ought to not give up the landline -- in the case of a minor disaster the cell network may go down, but it takes a LOT to knock out the wired network.

Today proved me, once again, to be right.

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July 18, 2008

Tread Separation

Bad day today. Working on a carryover trouble from yesterday involving a bad Hayes Smartmodem 1200. None of the three replacements are working either, but then, I was having trouble talking to them and I didn't have any problem with the new(er) AJ-1414 (a screaming 14,400 bps modem!) Yesterday I configured the AJ1414 for what might work, this morning boxed it up, grabbed my laptop and headed toward downtown LA. Arrive at the Republic office, only to realize I had left the modem in the box on my deak. So I head back to get it.

Just before my freeway exit I hear this Flap-Flap-Flapping from my left, except there is no one there. Look in the mirror, something wrong with the left rear tire, but not flat so I continue to the barn. Where I find I have a partial tread separation. So, instead of heading back out on my trouble I get to call Fleet and report a trouble.

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July 03, 2008

Fuck 'em!

That's the attitude of the people I have "helping" me. They asked why I had built the stand for the Avaya Media Gateway, pictured right, I still have to clamp the box down to the welded steel table.

"So I don't have to stoop to work on the unit."

"Avaya takes care of that, we don't! Ours are bolted to the floor."

At least now I know why they have made such a mess of the LAN room -- they are not the ones who will have to work in it or troubleshoot, etc.. Their attitude, above, is that it is perfectly acceptable to set up things to make it harder upon others.

What gets me most is that they would have had a LOT LESS WORK if they simply left the design as it was. No. They went out of their way, did many hours of extra work, to ensure that I would be totally fucked over when I tried to do any maintainance in this LAN room.

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July 02, 2008

Dead dreams

Here is the rack lineup as I left it, ready for people to run my floor cables to. Rack one, far end, holds a 30amp ups, the incoming routers for the LAN, RCAP, Fiber switches, and the patch panel to the TE1. As you can see, over half the rack is empty for future growth/rearrangements.

Rack two has a 20 amp ups to power the ethernet switches. Racks two and three hold: voice jacks from the backboard, floor jacks, LAN switch, floor jacks, voice jacks, floor jacks . . . . This arrangement allows 99% of the patch cords to be a short 12" up/down -- no tangled mass of patch cables between racks.

Finally, rack four has the big 8540 router that connects the roughly 200 phone lines supplied by the Avaya Media Gateway. Again, lots of room for additions/rerrangements. At the top of the rack is my coax patch to the DS3 demarc on the first floor.

A clean and simple plan that makes troubleshooting a piece of cake -- mainly because there is no trying to trace or rearrange a patch cable buried in a huge ugly mass.

This is roughly how the racks looked on Monday. Today I managed to get time from my workload to check in and this is what I found:

Rather than simply terminate the cables on the designated patch panels, the fucking assholes decided to totally destroy all of my efforts.

They moved ALL of the LAN equipment into the Avaya rack, totally filling the rack so it will be impossible to add/rearrange anything in the future. They ALSO neglected to consider power requirements, leaving the LAN's 30 amp UPS back in Rack one.

They then moved all of the voice patch jacks and Ethernet switches into Rack two. They spaced the floor jacks out and place horizonal cable management in between the jack fields.

The way I laid out the racks I didn't NEED any horizonal cable management as all I used to connect LAN and Voice to the floor cables were short vertical jumpers. My 400 short cords can be tossed into the trash -- not usable with the abortion they have come up with. They need the horizonal management 'cause they will be using 6 to 8 foot long cables, 300-400 of them, woven into a tangled mass to be hidden behing the cable management covers.

Why they felt they had to totally fuck up a perfectly good layout I don't know, nor care.

The Boss said, "Let it Go!" So I have. They have taken over the whole project as I am not about to try to make their stupid mess work.

Required two hours of vibration therapy before I calmed down enough to feel safe from a heart attack from the stress.

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