November 23, 2007

Christmas Lights!!

Was stringing up the Christmas lights the last week or so. Use a stepladder (red arrow) and a 20 foot stick to drape the lights onto the trees. This year the trees are larger so I couldn't get the lights up where I wanted them. Solution: climb the tree and use the stick to pull the lights up. It's rather cool -- I can see the back yard!

The lights are on their own 30 amp breaker, thru a 40 amp commercial timer. Each tree has nine sets of 25 C9 lamps -- 225 lamps per tree, 450 lamps total, 7 watts each. 3,150 watts, not counting the two deer.

Used a tripod, no flash:

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November 17, 2007


Telephone EquipmentThis is one of our many telephone equipment closets. Typical of many it has a lead sheathed cable (A) going to the main frame that dates to the early part of the last century. Cable terminates on an equally ancient protector (B) cross connected to the pink boards (C) which connect to the KTS (D) and the floor cables (E-G).

The closet is about 18 inches deep, 12 feet wide, normally behind the sliding doors. This picture was taken during a project where the doors were pulled off. Normally the doors are closed and we simply slide one door aside to access the blocks for a single installation or a repair. Something that happens, on average of once every 2 to 4 months.

It's dark behind those doors, but we do have a pair of overhead lights that are switched on *ONLY* when working on those onesies-twosies -- a total usage of under 4 hours a year. As we are working on small blocks with color coded wires we NEED good lighting -- the bulbs were 120 watt incandescents. Total energy usage -- less than (2 x 120 watts x 4 hours = 960 watt-hours) a single kilo-watt hour. Energy cost of a kilowatt hour is, at most, twenty cents -- that is $0.20 A YEAR to povide me the light I need to work Safely.

dark corners!dark corners!Some stupid pencil pushing upper management got a wild hair up his or her ass and decided it would be a good idea to save money by replacing these bulbs with little 40 watt decorator lamps. $4 for the bulbs, $6 for labor to procure bulbs, transport, get the ladder, replace bulbs, dispose of old bulbs. Minimum $10. Minimum pay back in 50 years! A waste of company money to create a safety hazard that I now have to spend more company time and money to get corrected. Multiplied by the thousands of central offices the idiot has cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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November 12, 2007

IP Telephone

Cisco 7941GBeen very bust the past several weeks rearranging the second floor at the Birch C.O.. With a little help from my friends I ran 34 bundle-4 cat-5e cables, terminating on four jack modules. These cables were in addition to the 120 existing quads. Real Estate built the cubicles, I place my cables, people move. Real Estate built cubicles in the space they vacated, I place the rest of the cables, people move. They moved with analog telephones -- but I had previously removed the old Cat-3 telephone cables and ran the phone on the cat-5 cables via patch jacks from the telephone backboard. Moving an analog phone no longer means ripping and punching jumpers -- simply move a patch cord from one floor cable to another.

Then I cut everyone over to IP telephone, the Cisco 7941's shown at the left, with 7936's for the conference rooms. My part in installing the IP phone is to simply place it onto the existing Ethernet connection at the desk, in series between the jack and the computer. Let it power up (it pulls power off the Ethernet cable!), grab dial tone, type in the assigned telephone number twice and let it do it's thing.

Worked perfect except for one phone which goes loopy on powerup -- flashes lights, swawks loudly, repeat over and over until you pull the cord. Have to find out who talks to Cisco about a replacement. And with the last phone the nice lady from TABS said "I'm sorry, that number is not in the system, contact your system administrator." So I also get to find who the system administrator is and get them to release a few more numbers. Especially as the client expects to deploy another 15 phones.

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