December 25, 2007

Christmas Present

An Ultima Springer Saddle -- 13" wide, steel base, leather upholstry:

This is not a quick bolt on -- the Saddle is meant for Harley Choppers and I'll have to fabricate mounting brackets. But it looks like it'll fit just fine:

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December 24, 2007

Christmas Lights

Took a walk tonight to take pictures on our one block in the city. As usual, click on the thumbnail for the large version:

December 23, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Yeah, I'm one of those who put it off.... Fortunately it's a balmy 74 degrees so I'll have no problem using the easy to park motorcycle.....

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December 20, 2007

Nightmare Before Christmas

Everyone has a Christmas Town on display..... Ours is a little different.....

Oogie Boogie and Santa ClausIt's hard to believe it has been 14 years since Nightmare Before Christmas came out. Wendy has ten of the buildings set up with the traditional train on a circular track. It really needs a larger display table than what sufficed for the sugarplum sweet snowy christmas town.

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December 09, 2007

We still use....

conference roomJohn pawned off one of his jobs onto me -- installing a pair of routers in the Gardena Tandem. Take care of a trouble in Hawthorne first and head for Gardena. Location for the routers is given as MIS01 (first miscelaneous bay) in the 50T, on the first floor, in room 504.

Start by finding room 504, which of course is on the fifth floor. A conference room. Take a picture and send an e-mail to Ken (LAN Implementor) asking where he wants the routers installed. (Just kidding Ken, I'm still looking for the MIS01) Meanwhile run into Linda who is the switchman for the office on the fifth floor. Check out the fifth floor, walk past a couple of ATT 6500 controllers that need to be shipped to the MUC to be sold/recycled. Commented that they were obsolete 20 years ago.
Pass an even older Teletype keyboard/printer/display combo thing, commented to Linda that it made the 6500 gear look cutting edge. She replied that they still used that antique! Anyhow, the fifth floor is the 86T, 50T is indeed that machine on the first floor -- but....

The little machine on the first floor is actually two tandems -- 50T and 56T. Back to the first floor find MIS01 in the 50T -- no RJ45 jacks with my t-carriers, no taped off wires with my 48VDC power. Not to mention that in the Central Office every inch of rack space in every rack in inventoried and nothing goes in without the say-so of the C.O. Enginereer.

Call Ken, refered to Bob, refered to Gay (I think that was her name -- it's been two days...) who is (1) the C.O. Engineer and (2) on vacation. Also informed by Bob that I'm to just drop the routers off to be installed by Nortel into the Nortel Switch. (Be like that, I don't care!) Leave the boxed routers on a table, send pix to Ken and Gay (a picture is worth a thousand words, not to mention that it is fairly reliable evidence that I did indeed drop off the routers.

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December 03, 2007

"GOOD" News.....

Gotta keep up with the normal safety stuff, building hazzards, fires, bombs, etc.. But I'm not too sure about what the company considers to be "GOOD" news.... "When bombs are actually detonated there is usually no warning." Exactly how is this "Good News?"

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