October 27, 2007

procrastination squared

What happens when two procrastinators discuss business?

May 17th, I post finding my enlarger, offer for sale:
May 19th, Nephew says "I'll take that!"

I sent it off today.....

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October 24, 2007

Doctor 'Schak

I'm not into SM, but there are times when you have to inflict pain. Wendy went and jammed a splinter into her index finger, sideways, right in the crease of a joint. She couldn't get it out, so I got to dig with the tweezers. The end was an eight of an inch in, so I had to tear a little until I could grab it and haul it out. It is small in reality, but extremely huge when under the skin. The finger picture is after cleaning, but you can still see the path of the splinter, preserved next to the dime:

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October 19, 2007

180 feet, 4 90's, 3/4"

Have two projects going -- a new call center at 21061 Western and repacking people at Birch. The people at Birch were using whatever dialtone they could swipe, but will finally be getting a proper system -- a Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol. Very nice phones, top quality both physically and performance. They ordered a conference room speakerphone for the conference room (duh!) which presented me with a slight problem -- I had no Cat-5 cable to the conference room. I had a 25-pair cat-3 telephone cable, and four cat-3 4-pair cables; but at 200 feet neither could handle the required 100baseT. The four pair cables were run just tossed over the ceilings willy-nilly and wouldn't pull. Obviously tangled somewhere and not usable to pull in a cat-5 quad. Which left the fat telephone cable in it's conduit. Which also would not pull. Since, as I later found out, it was 180 feet of 3/4" conduit with four 90 degree bends and a couple or four wiggles. From the terminal room it was up, north, then west. At the conference room was up, north, then east -- hopefully in line with the pipe coming west. Just where it entered the conference room, over the ceiling, was a slip-union. {GRIN} Break it open, access the 25 pair cable, and it PULLED! ah-HA!!

Set up the reel of bundled four four-pair cat-5 cables:

before after

The telephone cable I cut slit the outer cover, removed the 25 pairs, laid the quad inside the cover and taped it closed -- giving me a smooth transistion from old cable to new with no bulges or edges to catch on anything along the way.
Pulled the old cable at the break in the conduit until I had enough new cable in the room to reach the jack location. Pulled from the jack location 'til it as all in. Put the conduit back together, closed up the ceiling. Took stock of what I had done. Blogworthy. 213 feet (jack to jack) of quad cat-5 cables from the quad wall jack in the conference room to the cat-5 patch panel in the terminal room.

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October 16, 2007

One of Six

Twenty One Years Ago Wendy and I were on our honeymoon. We stopped by the Chateau Ste Michelle winery in Washington, took the tour, sampled the wine, bought a half dozen glasses.

Over the course of the years we've had breakage. The fifth glass broke recently, and the last glass will be put away as we can no longer each have a glass.

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