August 31, 2005

Telephone Protocol

Stop by to see Curtis about a Laptop, Iris says he's gone for the day. So I'm chatting with Iris about computers, customer service, etc. Her phone rings....

Me: Are you going to answer your 'phone.
Iris: (looking at Caller ID display) I'm waiting to see who it is.
Me: Oh!
Iris: Oh Shoot! (Picks up telehone) SBC, Iris.....

CALLER ID is Good -- it lets you know if you can ignore a call.

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August 28, 2005

Daily Commute

You would think that with a motorcycle my daily commute to and from work would take less time. The opposite is true. It is not a matter of simply open, start and go. The Motorcycle is secured inside, cable lock through the frame and front wheel securing it to a floor to roof pillar. My helmet is locked inside one of the saddlebags. It takes far more time from walk upto and roll than with a car.

And even once on the road it takes longer. The bike seems to have a problem in tracking a straight line. For instance, my commute last Tuesday started off veering north of my automobile commute. Then I overshot my turn. Heading south I overshoot again, wend my way back west and north and finally arrive at work.

Leaving work the bike turns south instead of north and goes several miles before I am able to get it to turn west. I'm just north of Harbor Park heading west when the bike whips a U-turn and circles south around the park. Finally manage to get the bike under control and get it to go home in a mostly direct route.

Even with the roundabout route I still used less gasoline than if I drove the car straight to and from work. A lot more relaxing as well.

Edit: It is a common problem with the Suzuki Savage: Comments on Forum.

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August 24, 2005

Total Choice Hosting

Click on banner to pull up 770x1740 .gif of the back and forth messages:

Daughter left home. Physically and virtually. She has a different host for her website than I do. She went with Total Choice Hosting. Two weeks ago she stop being able to access her website, even though others could. She opened a trouble ticket, they responded that the site was fine. She e-mailed me a tracert and asked for help in talking to them. I did my own tracert and opened a trouble ticket. I am NOT their customer. But they listened to me anyway, asked a few questions, and cleared the trouble within 12 hours. Considering that this most likely involved their opening a trouble ticket with and getting them to check their routers I think it was remarkably good service. Hence this official ATTABOY!

My host is JaguarPC whom I am not about to drop. I've been with them for years and seldom ever need to bother them about anything. Which is as it should be.

The hosting business is brutally cutthroat. There are people ripping other people off. It is good to know that there are at least two hosts you can rely on. Actually I am sure that there are many more. But the only ones I have dealt with favorably are these two. Other people can praise the other hosts.

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August 22, 2005

Such a Deal!

Today is Monday, August 22nd. In today's mail I revceived a great offer of 10% off at the Home Depot:

The offer expired last Wednesday. Would have been nice to have gotten the coupon two weeks ago.

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August 21, 2005

Mike Andruschak - Harry Andruschak

Harry is working evenings or nights or is simply a slug-a-bed, but he called for an assist on replacing curtains with newly purchased blackout grade. At 60+ he's tipsy when climbing. No big deal. Roll by on my way home from shopping. Get the curtains up by standing on the bed and dresser. The curtains block the light fine but quite a bit is spilling up between the curtain rod and the wall. He needs a solid top valance. There are already mounting holes for one.
For those who wondered how we look:

I'm the Man in Black.

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August 19, 2005

Emergency -- NOT!

"A lack of planning on your part
does not constitute an emergency on my part."

They moved the workers from 21241 1st floor over to 21281 October of last year.

They vacated the second floor January and announced that the building was going to be sold. Eventually. There is a lot of work that needed to be done before we can sell -- such as building a new HVAC system and a new LAN.

Wescom has an ATM machine in the vacated building. It would be *OBVIOUS* to anyone that the ATM machine would have to be moved over to the remaining building where the workers are.

So today is move day for the ATM.

They requested the communication lines to be moved yesterday.

Due dates are next week and beyond.

Update 4pm: Naturally I managed to get the stupid thing working.

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August 15, 2005

Pacific Volkswagen

Wendy's New Beetle (as long as you keep the paperwork taped to the windshield it is still a 'new' car) had a problem with the trunk opening. It's an electric release, either a switch on the driver's door or a button on the keyfob. The motor would buzz and the trunk would pop but sometimes not all the way open and you would have to hit it again to get the trunk open.

We took it to Power VW where we got the car and were informed that this was normal and they couldn't do anything about it. So we lived with the hassle for a year or so.

Greg Duncan switched employeers; we followed him and purchased the second New Beetle from Pacific Volkswagen. Talked to the service department, made an appointment, dropped off Wendy's Beetle. They adjusted and lubed the release and now the trunk opens first time, every time.

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August 03, 2005

Ducati Motorcycle

Over on the SuzukiSavage forum someone ran across an ad for a military 350 Ducati. The location was 2 blocks from the Barn so I stopped by after work to take a couple of pictures:

(Click for larger image)

The bike in the store looked, to me, a little rough -- as in unrestored, missing left driver peg, old hard tires. At $2000 it might be of interest to a collector of military motorcycle. At $500 it would make a beautiful Rat Bike. I think I'll make an offer.

FWIW, there is a restored civilian 1969 version of this bike on CycleTrader asking $9,400.

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