July 28, 2005

Crew Lunch

Like my namesake I simply ride in, take care of the trouble, and ride out. Usually work alone. They keep me around 'cause I manage to muddle through the job no matter what. Like that little job over at the SBC Tower: A few hours in May and 24 hours June 3 - 4. The rest of Paul Overbeck's crew did the real work over the course of several months moving close to a thousand people.

So the job is completed, and Paul throws a BBQ for the crew. And invites me. I don't deserve it, I worked less than 30 hours conpared with the hundreds the others put in. But.....

It's one of Paul Overbeck's BBQ luncheons -- you don't pass that up. So I went. Click on the pictures for larger versions:

Faze . . . . . . . . The Crew . . . . . . . . . . Overbeck serving

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July 27, 2005

Big Bike, relative to a Bug Eye

click for larger imageclick for larger image
Riding home yesterday I took an alternate route -- far too nice of a day to ride straight home. Passed an auto body and paint shop, circled back for photos. I like cars that make my Savage look large. This one is a Austin-Healey Sprite, later called the Mark I. Affectionly called the Bug-Eye or Frog-Eye. Produced from 1958 to 1961 -- I had a '61 back in '65. Cost me $800. The most forgiving car I've ever driven. 1300 pounds curb weight, little four cylinder of just under one liter, dual SU carbs, four speed. Manual top. No trunk lid (access to trunk area through the cockpit.) You'll notice no holes on the doors for door handles -- it didn't come with any. To open the door you reached inside the car. Side curtains rather than roll-up windows which makes it a true roadster rather than a two-seat convertable.

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July 16, 2005

Harry Potter

Friday L.A. Times has the weekly FRY's ad -- the latest deals on computers and electronics that I neither need nor can afford but once in a while they manage to get me into the store -- last time was for a $30 WiFi Access Point. This time they were offering a hard cover book -- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. For $13.99, which apparently is a good price. So I get volunteered to go get a copy.

Wake up my usual 5am, have a cup of tea or two, get dressed and ride Thumper over to Fry's. Arrive 8:45 am, 15 minutes until opening. Am met by the huge crowd lining up to get a copy of the latest Harry Potter book. At least a dozen people!

Someone left a copy of the newspaper on the vend box, I pick it up and read a book review on, of course, the latest Harry Potter book. Appearently the reviewer was informed that she had to first read the first five books, which she did. She then read the sixth book and pronounced it as considerable darker than the previous five.

It's now 3 minutes to nine, and the crowd has swelled to three or four dozen with the line stretching halfway to my Bike.

Walk in the front door, pick up a copy of the book, check to see if they have any deals on another access point ($38, not low enough) and check out. Walking out I'm accosted by a gentleman asking me if that was my Thumper (must have been the black leather motorcycle jacket) and we had a short chat until his wife dragged him away from the bad influence. Ride home to find that I'm locked out -- left my house keys in the back door. Ring the doorbell, no answer. Sit down and start reading the book. It's interesting, seems as if all Hell is breaking loose with Voldemort alive and well. People are going to die.

Ring the doorbell again. No answer. DUH! The girls never answer the door. I call home, asked them to let me in. They find I've started reading the Half-Blood Prince and chastize me severly, taking the book away from me. It seems that one is not allowed to read the Harry Potter books out of order.


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July 09, 2005

WorldWide Savage Lake Run

Today was the First Annual World Savage Lake Run. I picked Lake Elsinore:

Click on lake images to enlarge

About 8:30 or so I hopped on Thumper, topped off the gas tank, and headed south on California Route 1 along the ocean. Hung a left at Dana Point toward the Ortega Highway. Topped off the gas, just under a gallon, 57mpg down the coast. Then over the mountain to Lake Elsinore, seen above just before dropping down from the mountains. Arriving at the shore I find that the water level is higher than normal, is green, and it stinks.

It is nearly lunchtime, so I head north on Temescal Canyon rd and run into the sign of civilization: an In-N-Out burger stand:

Catch a bite, continue north, dog on the 91 to pick up La Palma Ave which name-changes to Del Amo Blvd on the run from the Inland Empire to the South Bay.

The run to the lake was about 90 miles, the return a more direct 60 mile route. The return route is also a lot more stop/go city traffic which killed the average mileage. I filled up again at the same Shell I hit on the way out: 152.2 miles round trip on 2.807 gallons of gasoline = 54.2 mpg.

Gasoline: $7
Highways: free
Sunburn: free
4 hours relaxing in the saddle: priceless

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July 03, 2005


Get a package in Company mail -- an access point. No explaination, no labels, not configured. I call my LAN Man -- he's on vacation for a couple of days. Call the guy who sent the AP -- he's also on vacation. So I figure it's to replace the one that has gone to sleep twice so I set up to duplicate the configuration as best as I can:

I set up the company laptop to talk to the new AP. I set up my laptop to talk to the old AP. Go through the options and try to match those on the left with those on the right. Got most of them. Couldn't do the passwords and WEP keys as they do not display. No big deal. Sent an e-mail to those who might care that the switch has been made.

But was the trouble the AP? I don't like intermittent trouble. I need to put that old AP back on line where I can watch it. If it goes to sleep then it was the problem. If it doesn't, then the problem is not guaranteed fixed. Hopefully it will fail.

And yes, that is my Laptop on the right with the larger screen, equal RAM, faster processor, and bigger harddrive. It cost a lot less as well.

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