June 10, 2005


So I'm sawing blocks of wood for Teresa's school project. As I reach past the spinning blade I fail to lift my hand clear and do a fair job of sawing the end of my finger in half, lenghtwise. For a closer look at the grossness click on the image. The ChopJob was Wednesday, about 7pm. The Emergency room did the stitching, today, bout noon, the local clinic replaced the bandage and handed me a pile of gauze so I could change it out and let the wound dry out. The pictures are from Friday, about 10:30pm.

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June 03, 2005

Fixed IP DSL

Three months ago I wrote of a pending move from 1010 Wilshire to the SBC Tower.

Today was moving day. Got to 1010 in the morning, checked it out, disconnected servers, took the DSL modem and Ethernet hub to the Tower. DSL was supposed to be up, but it wasn't. Noel Perez came to the rescue. That was about noon.

Noel Perez -- click to enlargePaladin -- click to enlarge

A little after six, we have almost defeated Murphy. Locked out router, bad router, mis-matched redbacks, had to get a new IP assigned and the server for that was bogged down -- but Noel stuck with it, calling in help, while I sat watching.

Noel left. I continue working. Programmed the pinholes into the Netopia/Cayman, set up the table in the room, placed the two servers and SCSI drive and hooked them up. Hooked up the floor cables and tested the jacks at the desks (by surfing to eBay!) Finally, 'bout 9:20 pm, stop for lunch.

Just two more servers to hook up and then I can leave.

Hopefully will be back at the barn by 11 pm.

Did I mention I work 7am-3:30pm and no overtime is allowed.


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