June 10, 2005


So I'm sawing blocks of wood for Teresa's school project. As I reach past the spinning blade I fail to lift my hand clear and do a fair job of sawing the end of my finger in half, lenghtwise. For a closer look at the grossness click on the image. The ChopJob was Wednesday, about 7pm. The Emergency room did the stitching, today, bout noon, the local clinic replaced the bandage and handed me a pile of gauze so I could change it out and let the wound dry out. The pictures are from Friday, about 10:30pm.

Posted by at June 10, 2005 10:40 PM

Augh! Keep us posted on that! You go to the orthopedist Monday, right? I hope there's nothing else wrong with it!

Does it still hurt? What's going to happen to the nail?

Posted by: Helena at June 11, 2005 06:20 AM

Also, you do know that your finger could be internet-famous if you sent it to rotten.com, right?

Posted by: Helena at June 11, 2005 09:55 PM

We printed out your pic in case anyone wants to know how you're doing. We miss you, but take time to heel.

Posted by: Wingo at June 15, 2005 03:06 PM

UGH! Your sister is laughing at you. What, were you trying to compete with her toe loss????

Posted by: Nikki at June 19, 2005 08:32 AM