April 25, 2012


Off to see Helena getting married. Put the dogs into the kennel, left Los Angeles a bit after 9am, Holbrook AZ before 7pm... 559 miles. HEY! That's not right. Map shows 568 miles. Wendy's car odometer is 1.6% off. Wendy's car has done about 1000 miles more than it claims.

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April 22, 2012


You are supposed to run the generator every 6 months, not every 6 years. When I needed it, it didn't start. Pull the hose, gasoline did not dribble out, the filter in the tank was clogged. Cleaned it, add a new in-line filter, got gasoline flowing, but it still wouldn't start. Prime it with some gasoline in the intake, spart is good. Looked at the carburettor. Opened the part where float sits. Hmmmm..... Do you think I need to just clean, or replace??

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April 12, 2012

Street Legal

Got a picture of the car that was making all that noise the other day. It's not the idiot down the street with the jacked up SUV. It was a "Street Legal" legally street registered and plated Stocker:

Street Legal!

Smedley is not the nastiest car on the street. Our neighbor is.

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