March 29, 2012

Attic Stairs

25 years ago Wendy wanted to take things up in the attic, so I put a attic ladder in the hallway. It was a cheap one, from one of the big home stores. Finally replaced the rickety wood ladder to a quality steel attic ladder from FAKRO. The The LST attic ladder has an air tight insulated door.

Had a few problems, mainly because it weighs over 80 pounds. To mount the new ladder I would have to go up to the attic bolt the ladder while standing in the hallway to lift it up. Not to mention I needed four of myself to hold it up while bolting it down.

So I cheated. I built a frame with ropes and pulleys to hold the ladder so I could lift it, corner by corner, inch by inch, until I could lift it up to the ceiling....

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March 17, 2012

50 years in just 2 more years

Wendy is a half a century, less two. I baked and iced her cake:

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