February 20, 2011

MaBell is rolling in her grave

Looks like it was not a fluke when I saw the ugly parking job in the AT&T Van. Another:

This one was in the Payless Foods parking lot, about 60% into the parking slot, the two cones stacked together, laying on their side. He didn't care, because his boss doesn't care. Customers do not care, quality does not care, the job does not care, not even safety does not matter. All that matters is the numbers the computer spews the records that say we are doing.

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February 18, 2011

Dog Food

AvoDerm OldAvoDerm New

The Doggies eat AvoDerm All Natural Dog Food, with Lamb and Brown Rice. -- They have been eating in for the same big bag for years, at about $45 a bag, since it has shrunk from 50 pounds to 40 pounds down to 30 pounds.

Could not find it. The site, as of today, still shows the same bag. Went around looking for something that the dogs might eat. Then I found it: they CHANGED the bag. I hope so. They don't show the new bag in the site, maybe someone if trying to scam me?

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February 15, 2011

Proper Installer

A couple of late entries, the Death of Ma Bell, with the AT&T installer with the sloppy van that was 'parked'; and a scary installer that pulled most of the safety nots, starting with a residential folding ladder than a safe commercial level ladder.

To see something correct I had to watch a contractor!
Starting with parking their vehicles, parked at the curb, with cones, with the cones upright not like AT&T leaving his on the side, ladders secured on ladder racks. Actually started with them knocking the door, identity cards showns, asked for access to the pole. Told them I would unlock the gate. I think I said I would shut the dogs in. Watched them getting the ladder, carried correctly. That is not a light ladder, strong, safe. Watched them through the obstacle course of a back yard. Ladder set to the pole, correct angle, even feet. Had his climbing belt.

Belted in, looking safe. Sharp looking, helmet, idtification card on his arm. A Professional.

*Sigh* A Contractor looks better than someone in AT&T. This is bad. Bad for looking at AT&T.

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February 14, 2011

Proud Bird, again and again

I like this place. Obviously: http://www.dslretorts.com/Paladin/archives/002490.html

Click on the Menu, above, to see it full size. The Proud Bird makes Valentine's Day special -- starting with the tables set for couples only. The Entrees run in from $37-$50, or the combo beef and lobster at $63. About normal for a top restaurant -- but they includes Appertizers, soup or salad, and dessert. Only extras being the cocktail to start, the wine with the dinner, and coffee to end.

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February 04, 2011

Chain Saw

I was again having troubles starting the chain saw. Looking again having it paid to get it working, I checked out electric chain saws. WorX had a 16" bar, 14.5 amps, 3.5 peak horsepower. Good reviews, including one person who had felled a tree with a 30" trunk.

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