November 20, 2010

less cost is cheaper

I like tea, I am cheap. I have been stopping Valu+ Foods Warehouse for over two decades. Their "Special*Value" tea only cost $0.99 for 100 bags, then $1.19, etc., now at $1.48 -- still a steal. They now have a box of 100 tea bags for just $0.99. Cheaper, right?

Only one catch -- it is only 3.5 ounces versus the 8 ounces in the more "expensive" tea. I would have to use two bags on the "cheaper" tea and still would be getting less than one tea bag. Ya gotta read the lables!!

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November 18, 2010

64 years old? No Way!!

only 24 candles

Only candles? Sheesh!! Just only 24 caused to heat up the room and the smoke had to open to door. Just imagine what 64 candles would have done!

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November 11, 2010

Motorcycle Power

*AGAIN* I left the key on, along with the headlight. Drained the battery down to nothing, nada, zero, zilch. This is not good, this is the third time in just two months. Charged it back, the battery seems to be alive! AGM techology seems to be much better than old school flooded batteries.

To connect the battery I have to disassemble parts. No more. I connected a 12 vold power plug, AKA a cigar lighter socket, direct to the battery. I wanted it anyhow so I could recharge things while riding, either 12vdc, or using 120vac with an inverter:

Inverter, drop into the saddlebag, power plug out under the lid, forward to the bike next to the battery cover.

Since I can now just connect the plug, I will probably not forget it and not need it.

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November 08, 2010

Olive Oil

Has a light taste in french fried potatos. Since I only use my fryer only for potatos the oils stays clean. The blog is so I can find out. Changed the oil yesterday. The old oil will be used to start wood in the fireplace. Waste not!

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