April 19, 2007

The Green Crud

It rains, your 'phone gets noisy. Look for the Green Crud. Go to each phone jack, pull the plug and look. When you find the cruddy one replace the cord and the jack.

Never had green crud in the Central Office 'til yesterday. Doug had a light on a KTS line that wouldn't go out. caused by a ground on the A lead. Naturally it was on a line that had many multiples out of several terminals. Traced it into the lounge where a connector likely had coffee spilled on it:

Meanwhile, over in Lomita where I ran the LAN cables, they managed to get the DialTone pushed to tomorrow. Check the order, the computer had assigned an underground cable out to a B-Box, to be cross connected to an aerial pair to a pole mounted terminal in front of the Central Office, for me to place a drop wire back into the C.O.. A lot easier to call the MLAC and have them remove the outside pairs and let me run the lines on the house cable direct from the MDF down to the basement.

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April 17, 2007

You want it when?

Last Wednesday I had a workorder to scope out the basement of the Lomita Central Office as to it's suitability as an office for a couple of management types -- five telephone lines and three LAN connections. Next day I find out that they want to move in immediately, as in last Friday. I told them next Friday if they're lucky. Luckily, there was a conduit between the LAN hub and the basemenbt office:

From a cable reel at the LAN hub, an 80 t0 100 foot pull to an access point in the basement (A), push 10 feet to a J-Box (B), another 80-100 foot pull up to a J-Box (C) on the ceiling (high C.O. ceiling, tall ladder), 20 feet more to the final access point (D) which was just a few inches thru the wall to the office:

Wingo was unavailable, so I had to run the cable by my onesies. Snaked from A to the hub, pulled in enough cable to reach the office, and about 15 feet extra. An easy push to B. Snaked from C back to B, leaving enough of the snake out of it's reel so I could pull the cable while standing on the floor. One last snaking from D back to C, pull in the cable and push through the wall. My measured 15 feet extra ended up being 3 feet.

Added a Panduit quad surface mount jack on each end, patched the LAN into the first three jacks, test from the basement -- the LAN is up.

The telephone lines I cannot do until the switch people program the switch and the frame people run their jumper to the house cable. If they want to use their cell phones, they can move in tomorrow.

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April 16, 2007

No Access

If the Phone Company pays the bills, I get to install/maintain the service. Had a trouble ticket Friday -- wierd, but the Line Record shows the owner to be our Construction group and MLT showed hard grounds tip and ring, so I get to work it. Address was given as Doogan Ave and Del Amo Blvd in Carson. There is no Doogan Ave in Carson. J.U. to today.

This morning I find the B-Box under a highway bridge, lift the jumpers -- if the trouble is in the underground it's an easy fix. *SIGH* It is toward the aerial/customer premise. Line record shows the 1.1 and customer premise to be in a manhole (photo, right.) I get to "No Access" the trouble. Need the customer to come out to open the manhole -- *IF* they want the line fixed.

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April 05, 2007

Finished the printers yesterday. Instead of 5/8th ton of new printers in the conference room there's a pile of empty boxes and a pile of obsolete printers. There are the purchased printers that will be going back to the MUC (Material Utilization(?) Center) to be disposed of according to company policies. Pity, I think they wholesale them. There's 6-10 HP 4Vs in that pile which go for about $50 each on eBay. The two newer ones may be 4Ms, which are only worth about $10. But, like most companies, we are not allowed to save the company money. I'm not about to sidetrack a $10 printer and risk a half million retirement that I've been working toward for the past 36 years. I am neither dishonest nor stupid. Which is why the E-Mail I got this morning upset me:

> Mike:

Please do not keep any printers for spare parts. All printers must be MUC'd that should be MUC'd to account for savings and to be auctioned off. If a printer breaks, the companies position is .... the purchase of a new printer. ... If anything other than that is done, it's a violation of Code Of Conduct. I'm not going to be the police but I have to let you know the company's policy. I was told you had planned on keeping some printers for spare parts and I am advising you against that approach.

So I replied:

I'm OCS. I do system printers. I do *not* do network printers. My responsibility with network printers ends at the tip of the Ethernet patch cable (and that's only 'cause I'm a nice guy and go six feet beyond the Jack.) I don't program printers, I don't place printers, I don't unpack printers, etc.. I especially don't repair network printers. I don't know how Bob managed to get a work order for me to swap out the new printers 'cause that's not my job. He's a rat (but a good rat and a good friend, and I can understand trying to pawn off the unpacking and placing of the new printers as I would do the same if I were in his position.) Counting the takeouts that was over a TON of printers that I moved in three days. My back is killing me. They are Bob's printers and his responsibility. I don't want them. They are obsolete, any 'spare parts' are not usable on the new printers. I do not and never have had any intention to have anything to do with network printers, let alone keep some for spare parts.
Whoever told you I had any interest whatsoever in those printers is sadly mistaken.

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April 03, 2007

Lowe's Home Improvement

Quite a while ago they opened up a Lowe's Home Improvement store on 120th Street in Hawthorne, just 2 miles north of me. Since the service in Home Depot had been dropping, I started going to Lowe's. It is very handy, as I can just stop by to pick up what I need when I need it as it only costs $0.30 in gasoline for the bike.

So I have my conduit run done, measured 26 feet end to end, need 28 feet of wire. Should only take a few minutes, right? I rode to Lowe's wearing sunglasses. It was full night by the time I got out. Left the following feedback to Corporate:

04-03-07, 7:15 pm, arrive in aisle 14 needing to have some wire cut. The sign says please ask for assistance. There is a small light to push, says someone will be with you shortly. I push it, it flashes. After a while it goes out. I push it again. About 7:30 I call the store, tell the operator I am waiting to have some wire cut. 10 minutes later I call her again. 5 minutes later I call again, ask for a manager. 5 minutes later I call again, she says the manager is sending someone immediately. 5 minutes later I give up waiting, cut and mark my own wire and check out.

40 minutes standing around waiting for an employee to stop by and cut a few feet of wire is totally unacceptable. It is below Home Depot standards, all the way down to the standards of Home Base -- which, I believe, went out of business.

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April 02, 2007

back pain

We're into a Printer Optimization Project. I get to do the physical deployment of the printers at the Alondra site. Halfway thru the monochrome printers:
The Printers are Xerox Phaser 5500's with the duplex (double-sided printing) option. Yeah, that's five boxed printers on the right and five empties on the left -- with a quarter ton of printers placed today. Not bad considering I work alone. . . . except I needed a hand to move the printers into their final positions -- they are nominally 90 pounds each, plus cartridges and duplexer.

Except for the weight, the Phasers are real easy to set up. Unbox and place on rolling cart. Remove packing material from printer, add duplexer, roll to location. Unplug and move old printer, slide Xerox in place, add cartridges and paper, add Ethernet and power, power up. Default is DHCP, we use a fixed IP address. When it pulls the DHCP address it populates all the fields and all I have to do is turn DHCP off and change the last digit of the address.

Today's five printers were easier than the pair I did last Friday -- they were Xerox Phaser 7400's -- color with a second feeder tray and duplexer; and a claimed 176 pounds.

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