October 30, 2006

T1 is SLOW!

Lots of people think of T1, at 1.544 megabits/second, to be fairly fast. At work I'm connecting up with DS3 -- 45 Megabits/second. And not just one, but a full dozen:

Not using the full dozen. The first slot, on the right as we are looking at the backside, feeds a thingie to break out a pile of T1s. Slots 2 and 4 have the thin grey coax cables to feed my LAN. The three pairs of black cables are for the voice system.

Posting this 'cause we're switching the feeds and I have to move my LAN from the old circuits to the new -- you can see the labels over the next to vacant pairs of coax connectors. My job, very difficult, is to undo the paiars of thin grey coax cables from slots 2 and 4 and move them to slots 7 and 8. It is not like there is very much that I can do wrong.

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October 27, 2006

Apartment MPoE

My co-worker John's son moved into an apartment. Has problems with his phone. He called, they said he is not on the wire plan so it the trouble proves into his wire it'll be a fat charge for the tech visit. He declined, called dad, dad told me. It's on my way home so I volunteered to take a look at the MPoE (minimum point of entry) BLEECH!

They have a 50 pair cable coming in from the pole, terminated on a M66-50 punchdown block. Cross-connected to the protector where the clients connect their inside wire. CWS is in apartment 3, the third protector down -- the one with both pairs of the quad tied down. One pair to each of the two working jacks. Why whoever put it in couldn't use the same pair on both jacks I have no idea -- and don't want to find out. What matters is that I lifted the IW and the trouble proved toward the line.

No kidding Sherlock! That green on the 66 block is copper oxide grown from the copper wires. Get enough crud, get it damp, and everyone on those 50 pairs will be talking to everyone else.

John, I think it is safe to say that the trouble is on the Telco side of the MPoE -- right there in that green crud.

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