December 26, 2005

New Taillights

For Christmas Wendy got me a couple of items from my wish list; one of which was a Turn Signal Conversion Kit from Cruiser Customizing. Kit consists of a pair of LED rings that you glue (they even provided the silicon glue!) to the inside of your turn signal lenses. Snake a wire thru the turn signal stems and up under the pillion where you splice into the existing wiring, using the provided sealed solid state circuit packs and provided splices. Everything needed to install was provided.

The lights operate exactly as advertized. The LEDS shine red through the amber lenses providing red running lights. Tap the brakes and they brighten along with the stock light. Lose that one stock bulb and you are no longer totally dark. The LEDS pull their ground through the turn signal bulbs, on hot side of the turn signal. When the turn signals light the associated LEDS go dark.

In my humble opinion, well worth the $50.

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December 25, 2005

Christmas Morning

The song blathers on about a White Christmas. HAH! This is Southern California -- we do Green Christmas:

Santa inflates at night when the lights go on. Daytime he sleeps on the lush green grass with a few flowers blooming behind.

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December 12, 2005

AT&T = ex-mas greetings

Last Wednesday or Thursday I was exiting the second floor of the Torrance Call Center when I was greeted by the aroma of a fresh cut pine -- a supervisor was setting up a tree in the lobby. No lights -- that would be a fire hazzard, ignoring the fact that the tree had been treated with a flame retardant. Still, it was a nice touch for his workers, whom I refer to non-so-jokingly as cube rats. (My work area is somewhere between 150 and 200 square miles. They get 36 square feet.) They need anything we can give them to make the workplace a little less dreary.

People smiled and commented on how nice a traditional Christmas Tree was.

This morning as the elevator opened I gazed upon the space where the tree had been. Seems it was removed over the weekend. *SIGH*

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December 10, 2005

Ride Time!

Gotta go Christmas Shopping. It's 69 degrees out. Caio!!

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December 08, 2005

Sipping Whiskey

Still available, but no guarentee that THIS LINK will be valid in the future. So I took a snapshot of their offering, added my quarter bottle to the picture:

My brother bought me the bottle on the right several years ago on one of his trips to Scotland. I've been sipping out of it for over three years. I don't drink a whole lot of scotch, but I do enjoy quality when I do so.

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December 06, 2005

The North Pole has Palm Trees!

Went to Del Amo Mall to do some Christmas shopping, noticed that they are teaching children that there are palm trees growing at the North Pole:
(click for larger image)

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