November 29, 2005

Forward Air

Traffic is bad enough without inconsiderate idiots making it worse. The inconsiderate idiots are so bad that they even passed a law against inconsiderate idiots blocking intersections. Doesn't stop them from doing so.

Case in point. Traveling west on Torrance Blvd, passing under the Harbor Freeway, approaching the traffic light at Hamilton. Freeway traffic exits onto Hamilton and makes the turn onto Torrance Blvd. They are not supposed to block the intersection but some inconsiderate idiots do so.

One such being an employee of Forward Air. driving truck number 19534. Consider -- I had time to think about it, pull the camera from it's belt pouch, power it on, and take the pictures. He was blocking many tens of people from proceding in a timely manner.

I don't know. Maybe it is company policy -- it sure got the corporate name out into public view.

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November 18, 2005

Getting Older

21,550 days ago a great calamity befell the world.

Doesn't help that I am watching those only a few years older experiencing health problems. Or that an increasing number of my co-workers have been living for less time than I have been working for the company.

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November 15, 2005

For the want of a nail...

... a shoe was lost. blah blah blah the Battle was lost.

Losing the battle is not an option, so when I find that I cannot get there from here I switch to an alternate.

In this case, the Avaya cutover was supose to happen after the LAN cutover. The Avaya phones were to be connected to the blue Cat-5 cable, patched to a voice panel in the Cat-5 patch rack, which would take it to the Avaya demarcation. Except... the space I need for the voice jacks is occupied by the Cisco switches which I cannot remove until I cut over to the new Foundry switches. Before I can cut the second floor I have to cut the first floor to free up my long patch cables. That's not happening because I can't work overtime so I can only switch the LANs on a Sunday as a tour change with a Friday O-day so no overtime is involved; and there are not enough weekends left.

So the Avaya phones on the second floor will have to run on the old cat-3 cable, which is acceptable to the standards. Except that the cat-3 25-pair cables have an adapter with a single jack for the ISDN phone. I need to switch to a multi-jack adapter. Fortunately we had a pile of single-line KTS adapters in the supply room which will work just fine. No problem. Have two helpers to put the phones on the desk.

They showed up a little while ago with an adapter and the Avaya supplied cord. The Avaya phone only uses one pair of wires. Pair one. Any phone cord will work just fine. My adapters have six pin jacks. The supplied Avaya cord has eight pin plugs. *SIGH* Put the phones in without the cords and I'll get a hundred or so cords to use with the adapters that I need to use 'cause the LAN isn't allowed to cut first.


Did I mention that the Avaya Tech was supposed to come out to intall cards and correct their wiring. Requested for Friday but whom I said would be acceptable Monday as we would be running cables and could let them slide a day. Shoudn't have. It's Tuesday and no Tech. I can't run my cross connects until Avaya gives me my blocks back so I can run my cables.

(edit: Jim from Avaya showed up, installed the cards and reterminated the cables; finished around 1:30. The conference call on the project ended for Curtis White and I as being the ones to assign which phone lines go where. Actually not the job of either of us, just more of planners and implementors leaving the planning to the installers.)

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November 14, 2005

Thru Early Morning Fog

I love riding the motorcycle in the fog. It muffles sounds, softens lights. But a little on the damp side.

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November 10, 2005

Remote Access

Mason, down in San Diego, is remotely configuring my switches here in Torrance. Sometimes he needs a temporary connection from an aux (out) port to a console (in) port. No Problem! See how easy it is.

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November 08, 2005

Double LANs

click image for larger view:

Still working on upgrading the LAN; working with Mason to turn up the new. Have the new mounted in the racks, co-existing with the old router and RCAP; with the old switches set off to the side to make room for the new (but still connected, just with longer and far uglier cables.)

Yes, it is ugly. I need to pull the old out before I can dress up my cabling.

But it is getting there. The existing floor jacks were moved slightly up/down to provide space for the new switches and digital voice jacks. The voice jacks are mounted, the cables run and terminated on the BackBoard. Have a helper coming whom I'll request terminate the cables on the patch panels.

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November 04, 2005


Finally got around to making an appointment. So here I am, getting my eyes examined:

Seems someone has an open wireless connection available. This was posted from the Optometrist. I like wireless ethernet.

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