March 31, 2005

Six Tons of Pennies, again

Click for full size image4:30 -- The two youngest are in driving school, the day that Wendy and I had discussed for over a year has come -- we bought a new car (used actually) for the girls to drive (and as a backup to Wendy's Beetle.)

I just spent about four hours at the dealership filling out paperwork. We have to drop off the girls at driving school at 6:30, then we can go pick up the new New Beetle.
9:30 -- Got back from picking up the new New Beetle and the girls from school. Here is Wendy and the sales team:

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March 29, 2005

Your Own Site

Tired of losing images that you link to on other peoples' sites?

Step one: Get a DomainName.

I originally went with but the last two renewals switched to -- but then dotster sent me an e-mail offering to match godaddy's rates. (I love competition!) I suggest consultation with the better half when you pick the name as it will be with you for a long time. Whatever name you pick, just register it, don't bother with any extras.

Step two: Get a Host.

I'm using -- they have the GigaPlan for $6/month on a two year prepay and have proven to be rock solid the past two years I have been with them. (They will also do the name registering for you, but for security reasons I prefer to separate the two functions.) Take the nameserver names they give you back to your Domain Registrar and plug them into the appropiate boxes. In a day or two the system will send the information world wide and people addressing your domain name will be sent to your site.

Step three: Build the Site.

My site, my parts of it, are on my hard drive in the c:\homepage directory.
I am running WindowsXP with my hosted site as one of my network places. I do most of my html editing with the now discontinued acehtml5 software. Once I have what I want on my local computer I simply use windows explorer to copy and paste from local to hosted.

I use Movable Type for my Blog which is where the real fun is.

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March 27, 2005

Easter 2005

Wendy went to her parents' house, I stayed home to bake the Easter Ham, fix my cheesey mash potatos, etc..

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March 15, 2005

DHL -- speedy?

DHL package routeKarma. After rubbing it in that I had riding weather my helmet was stolen off the bike as I ducked into a store for five minutes. So I go home and order a helmet from Bike Bandit. That was Thursday afternoon. Tuesday afternoon they do not show it as having shipped yet, go into live chat and am assured it will ship in the morning. Wednesday afternoon still not shipped. Live chat says it is due in that evening and will ship in the morning. Thursday afternoon and it has still not shipped. Again I get into live chat and ask if they even HAVE the helmet. No, they are still waiting it to come from their supplier. Cancel the order. All that I have with net businesses is trust that they are honest -- I cannot do business with a company that lies to me.

So I go on E-Bay, find a cheap DOT helmet located on the west coast and do the buy-it-now option. He had the helmet in stock and DID ship the next day. And since he's just 1300 miles north it should have arrived yesterday or at worst today.


It shipped via DHL and is in the middle of a 4400 mile cross-country tour.


Correction. It arrived about 9 am on the 16th, after a second dogleg to Fresno for a total of just under 4,900 miles.

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March 06, 2005

Rubbing it in

With my new Savage I'm hanging out on the message forums at A lot of the posters are in the Frozen North. For them: This is me, as of a few minutes ago, unloading the car after grocery shopping. It was too hot out to wear a shirt......

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March 02, 2005


It's been mostly quiet, they've moved out of the '41 building but have yet to move the fiber rack/connections, servers, ect..

Meanwhile I received a call Monday from Lynette. Seems that there is this odd answering service at 1010 that needs to be moved to the new SBC Tower. Local techs scratch their collective heads and go "what is that!?" So the Big Boss says to 'em, "I have the solution, we'll give the job to Lynette and Mike." Lynette and I went out there this morning, it's a simple little thing after you remove the non-working equipment that was cluttering the picture and making it look worse than it was. Not a big job. Need double LAN drops at the three desks for the answering people to handle the extra connections. And they use a DSL connection (probably VPN over it) which needs to be set up new, ahead of time, as they do not do from/to outside moves of DSL circuits.

Other than that, just a matter of picking a move day, on a Saturday, hitting 1010 and disconnecting, allowing them to physically move their equipment, and reconnecting at the new location. Will have to spend a day or two the week prior to make sure the to space is ready to accomodate the equipment, verify cables, etc..

Move date is not 'til May. Note to self (since I'll forget) -- you left your notes rolled up and tucked between the 66 blocks on the client's server desk.

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