April 28, 2004

Home Phoneline Networking

Reference: Entry of March 15, 2004 The 2Wire Portal didn't work -- seems that Verizon DSL has a different line protocol for static IPs. Plan B is to get a standard dynamic IP DSL line on the second telephone line, get that working, and then disconnect the business DSL. Go HOT date was yesterday, today we made it work.

Ask client how many existing telephones on line 2. About 8, which is a contraindication for distributed filters. So I start by installing a Siecor Splitter at the MPOE. Swing the existing IWs from the MPOE to the voice terminals of the splitter, jumper the MPOE to the network terminal of the splitter, verify that the phones work through the filter. Connect the IW going to the upstairs family room to the data terminals of the splitter -- this will carry the DSL signal to the 2Wire Portal. Move the IW off the MPOE marked "ISDN" (long gone) to the data terminals of the splitter -- this will carry the HPN signal from the 2Wire Portal to the downstairs office, right to an existing jack by the desk.

Upstairs, the 2Wire DSL Portal is placed atop the entertainment unit, out of sight and out of mind. It transmits a wireless signal to the two computers in opposite corners of the 20x30 room. After a bit of a struggle, Charles and Greg get the DSL working. Meanwhile I was downstairs verifying my connection into the office. Greg comes downstairs, we unbox the 2Wire HPN to USB adapter and connect it up to the company computer, disconnecting the business DSL. It links up. Click on the VPN icon and the client is able to log onto the SBC Intranet -- it's all up and working. The 2Wire Portal claims that the DSL line is running at 1792/160 == SMOKING!

Which now makes it clobbering time. The Ethernet cable snaking out of the office and up the stairs and accross the giant room is coiled up, ready to be given back the the fine gentleman that lent it to the client. The old modem is unplugged, along with the microfilter that fed the fax. The Netgear hub and the Linksys are unplugged and stacked. All replaced by a dongle connecting a USB port to a phone jack. Toss a no longer needed power strip on the stack, as we dropped three AC connections.

Much cleaner, everything works, a very productive morning.

Well, mostly everything works. The one upstairs computer is infected and as I leave for my next job Charles is busy disinfecting it. He took a bath on this job -- about 80 hours actual and no way he can charge that to the client and survive. It is chalked up as a learning experience. I get a lot of those.

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April 22, 2004

Downside of UPS

Have another project going at work, some new voice system, vendor supplied and supported. But I have to provide racks, power, wire between the terminal room and the jacks at each client position.

The power arrived yesterday. "You got a forklift?" .... no .....

So the driver breaks down the pallet on his truck and hands me down each box individually which I place at the curb. One Liebert 2000 and a pair of Liebert 3000's -- both with their auxillary batteries for longer up time when power is down. If I believe the labels I just moved a quarter ton.

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April 11, 2004

Caio Squirt

March 30th saw Wendy bringing home a little puppy, to be quarantined away from the kennel. It's a day short of the two weeks, but Squirt goes to his new home tomorrow. Looking at the two pictures (two weeks ago top/left, today right/bottom) you can see that he has grown, just a little. He has also gotten bolder and surer, able to go outdoors and inside by himself and able to rest in the shade under the deck stairs:

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Easter Day, 2004

We did the traditional Easter Egg hunt, with a twist -- the kids hide the eggs then mom and dad try to find them. The Easter baskets are presented (that's mine with Henry, our Chocolate Easter Bunny.) The Easter Ham is in the oven -- a full ham, no half shanks, all 20+ pounds of it. After posting this I'll be making my world famous cheesy mashed potatoes.

The world is Good.

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April 05, 2004


All coyboys know that before you put your boots on in the morning you have to check that no vermin have crawled into them during the night -- scorpions, snakes, or Shih Tsus.

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April 04, 2004

Shih-Tsu puppy pictures

After a romp in the grass the Shih Tsu puppy, code named "Squirt", gets on the laptop to upload his latest pictures to the 'Net.

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