December 25, 2015

Mickey's Skoot

From the cartoon --

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December 23, 2015

For those in the cold....

This morning had to go shopping, with another beautiful sunny day in Southern California:

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December 06, 2015

Facebook had some whatever crud with pictures of "old" microwave ovens. I still have my old Sears Microwave Oven that I bought in 1977, for use in my fifth wheel trailer. It was selected to fit under a shelf in the kitchen, and was moved into the house when I married Wendy, almost 30 years ago. The door is starting to get a little sticky, and is in the garage until I can open it up to lubricate the door. It is unique, for microwave ovens -- the door opens UP. I tried to find some information, but Sears doesn't show it as existing.

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