June 22, 2012

Gasoline vs. Battery

Coleman Lantern ignored 10-15 years
I'm cleaning out the garage. Finding antiques. Stuff I tossed into the garage 20-25 years ago and ignored. A lot I am looking at and asking "why did I saved it" and "would anyone care?"

But I did noticed the old Coleman camping lantern. It is about 25 years old. It hasn't been used for 12 years, just hanging on a nail in the garage. Hmmmm..... Picked it up, still has gasoline in it. Pump was dry, so dipped in oil. Pumped, got pressure. So far, so good. Turned it on, picked up a strand of spaghetti (burns good, easy to find in the kitchen) and it lit.


How many battery lanterns would still be ready to work after sitting untouched for 10-15 years?

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June 16, 2012

Miele Vacuum, blocked

Wendy's Miele vacuum Had a block. A hard block. A small piece of paper on a string showed it was just before the nozzle. Had to disassemble:

Just one small screw, then the top end lifts and the hose end hinges and off. That now sees a pair of snaps (push with a screwdriver) and the ring hinges and releases off the hose from the handle.

Also fund a rather perfume cap that wedged in, almost made it through until except is tipped and stopped. Removed and reassembled the hose:

Thanks to gardenweb.com/forums who on the start disassembling, in lieu of a service shop repairing/replacing the $180 hose assembly. (That is hose only, not the vaccum?)

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