January 22, 2012

Model A Ford

January, I have been writing less on the Blog. Have been doing more writing and pictures with Cooking with Mike. Retired, I can take more time cooking. This is NOT totally good.

After my by-pass and stroke I started better watching my weight went from 190-200 to about 175-180 when I got back to work. I did moved while working, walking and stairs and such. December I stopped working and my weight started going back up.

So I have started walking the dogs, doing a 1.2-1.5 mile walk for 20-35 minutes, depending on route and dog. It is good for me. And I get to see my neighbors while I am walking. Such as the gentleman on the next street and his Old School Rod, 1950's period. Will have to ask if his car as an agent for use in the movies:

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January 02, 2012



110MB.com had small free sites available. For several months I have not been able to log into 110MB.COM -- have not logged on for over a year. Probably because they have been sold -- "110mb.com is a privately owned company by the RocketForce Media Group who acquired the site in 2010"

TANSTAAFL :: There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

Free Websites are a lie -- there is no such thing as a free website. Someone have to pay. Eventually eventually the site is gone.

If you want a website, have your own domain and pay someone to host your site.

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