August 08, 2010

Motorcycle Ride

We are having a Scavenger Hunt. Last week found the mostest a ex-church, about a dozen including a Bar and Grill in an ex-church building. So I got to the next place to find. I told them "Elmadag mountain, near Ankara Turkey. There were the equipment room and antennas, right at the top of the mountain. A road, about a half a mile to ride to the barracks a bit below the top. Also a path. If you needed to get from the barracks to the equipment, in a rush, you could run up the stairs up the mountain, about 178 stairs." (The radio site is long gone, Elmadag mountain is now a Ski Resort.)

I cheat on the Scavenger -- am in Los Angeles. We have anything in Los Angeles. So I went to the steps even though I will not be in the running, just to let them know that Los Angeles is Still Top!

Wendy, naturally, knew where to look:

Rode to the Sliverlake neighborhood, stopped by the sign. Then before I could catch a cop I went and parked it legally by a side street.

Whew!!! That was the climb to the top. Street to the stop is divided to a north bound lane with eight more steps to the south bound lane. The post on the Music Box Steps leads to the dark down stair.

I counted 146 steps up the climb to the top. I counted 153 steps on the down. I think I didn't keep count on the way down I as I was getting winded.

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