March 27, 2010

Almost rich....

Got a postcard from -- I'm listed as being possibily eligible for inclusion in the payout of $2.90 a month -- or about $120 for the time I've had low speed DSL (1999 - Sept 2007).

Happily filling it out until page three:

"I certify that... I was not aware that AT&T could configure my DSL service at a lower speed...." Ah.... No, I was well aware that AT&T could and would cap speeds to ensure uninterrupted lower speed service in lieu of bouncing higher speed service.

"I would not have purchased...." Ah.... again No. I was getting 600-768Kbps, depending on cable temperatures and noise levels, which blew dial-up out of the water.

"I was not aware of any conditions beyond AT&T's control ...." Hoy! In 1998 I learned about DSL -- 18500' max loop. Went back to the shop, my line measured quite a bit more. In 1999 they offered DSL to anyone, screw the limits, let's just see if we can get it to work. And it did, at 384Kbps. A few months later, being down more than up, they cleaned my line and I started getting 768K, which slowly drifted down over the years to about 600K. But my loop measured 20,400' -- a little detail that AT&T had no control over. At least until they got the RT up and working, which I connected to in September '07.

Oh Well.... Was a nice idea while it lasted. But you have to cough up considerably more than a hundred bucks to get me to lie.

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March 16, 2010

The World is back to Normal

No more bundling up and shivering and freezing:

It is NICE riding to the store in t-shirt and jeans.

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